8 Bridal Expenses the Bride Should Never Pay For

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Are you a bride to be curious on how to properly manage your wedding budget? Wedding planning can be so stressful due to factors like price and budgeting. Besides the bride and groom, there are many other people who will feel the heat of upcoming wedding events. As the bride, you are expected to have an ideal budget and you cannot be expected to cover all the costs. 

It is important to keep in mind the budgets of those who are involved in your wedding as well. Being upfront initially about your covered costs and what you plan on having your wedding party pay for is the best way to avoid awkwardness while remaining transparent. If you are stuck wondering what you should and should not be paying for, look no further!

1. The Bridal Shower

  • The bridal shower is a celebration dedicated to the bride. Even if you are more of a “hands on” bride who prefers to be involved in the planning aspect of things, you should not be expected to pay for this event.

2. The Bachelorette Party

  • The bachelorette party is another celebration that is dedicated to the bride. Again, even brides who want to be involved in planning this event should not be expected to cover the cost. If your dream bachelorette party is more expensive than most, you may aim to cover your own personal costs as well as specific things on the trip to ensure your entire bridal party is able to join you.

3. Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Bridesmaid dresses can be such a touchy subject however they are not an expense that should be covered by the bride. The bride should be in charge of choosing the bridesmaid dresses that she wants. When discussing your personal budgets with your bridal party, this should be something you discuss with them to see what their personal budgets are for the wedding.

4. Bridesmaid Shoes

  • Bridesmaid shoes should also be chosen by the bride in regard to style or ideal choices she would like to see her bridal party in. However, bridesmaid accessories should totally be covered by the bridesmaids. There are certain accessories such as jewelry or handbags that would be a nice gift for the bride to give her bridesmaids, but shoes should be purchased on their own.

5. Bridesmaid Alterations

  • Going alongside the expenses of bridesmaid dresses and shoes, any necessary alterations should not be covered by the bride. These alteration costs should be expected when committing to joining the bridal party and purchasing the desired dress.

6. Travel

  • If you plan on having a destination wedding and/or have members of the bridal party that live out of town, those costs should not be covered by the bride. This expense can be quite pricey for those who are left to deal with the consequences, therefore you can make special situations for those members of the bridal party by covering another cost of theirs, explaining there is no need for them to get you a gift, etc. 

7. Hotel Accommodations

  • Similarly, to travel expenses, the same can be said for hotel stays. The bride should not be expected to pay for the necessary rooms of any bridal party member. The bride is welcome to give advice to those who may have the ability to room together or help find solutions, but it is not her responsibility to cover the costs.

8. Hair & Makeup

  • Paying for your bridal party’s hair and makeup is not a cost that should be covered by the bride. Although it is very common for the bride to give these salon services to her bridal party it is not a requirement especially if it does not fit in the bride’s budget. Having the bride cover the costs of your “glam squad” is a sweet gesture but it should not be an expectation.


Wedding Expenses That Don’t Fit in The Bride’s Budget

Being a bride comes with so many expectations and requirements. Your wedding budget should not include the expenses of others. To eliminate the added stress of wedding planning it is best to discuss your personal budget, as well as what does not fit in your budget with your bridal party.

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