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Whether you’ve imagined every detail of your wedding dress or you simply can’t find anything quite right, our custom design process ensures you end up in the dress of your dreams.

  • 1Gather Inspiration
  • 2Share Your Vision
  • 3Review Your Custom Designs
  • 4Finalize Details
  • 5Expect Your Dream Dress
Learn about our design process

1. Gather Inspiration

Every custom dress begins with a vision. For some brides, this vision is clear. They’ve imagined every detail. Other brides may feel like they only know what they don’t like – all the dresses they’ve already tried. Whether you can imagine the perfect dress or not, these are the three sources of inspiration our team needs to guide your dress design.

a. Practicalities

Think about how your wedding location, timing and activities might influence your design. Are there dress features that won’t work, or that you need, because of things like weather, choreography or outdoor obstacles?

b. Body Features

Decide which parts of your figure you would like to accentuate or downplay

c. Inspiration Photos

Find examples of dresses or dress features you like. Also note features you don’t like. Whether you use Pinterest, collect magazine pages or download pictures online, having visual examples you can share with us is very important.

2. Share Your Vision

Once you’ve gathered your inspiration, share it with us. When you contact VIERO, we’ll provide you with your own Custom Dress Specialist. Like a stylist, they will work to build a clear understanding of your style and how to incorporate your body feature preferences and any practicalities into your dress design.

3. Review Your Custom Designs

With the help of your Custom Dress Specialist, our design team will create three custom dress sketches based on the inspiration you shared. Each sketch will bring your ideas to life in different way. You choose the design you like best.

4. Finalize Details

Once you’ve chosen a design, we find the finest fabric choices for your dress style. Then we send you our Magic Box filled with swatches of these fabrics, so you can see and feel what they’re like. You choose the exact fabrics and colors you want, and we begin handcrafting your dress.

5. Expect Your Dream Dress

Our team will spend about 16 weeks handcrafting every detail of your custom gown. Once your dress is ready, you can receive it at one of our boutiques or have it shipped directly to you. It should fit perfectly to your measurements. If you need any slight adjustments, simply visit one of our boutiques and we’ll ensure the perfect fit. If you can’t make it to a VIERO boutique, we’ll guide you through the alteration process.

Bringing your dream dress to life is typically a 5-6 month processes.
It takes 4-6 weeks to finalize your dress design
and about 16 weeks for our team to handcraft every detail.

Unforgettable Dresses

“ I’ve always had a very clear vision of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like.

After searching for months in Miami and in Chicago for the dress I was so happy to have FINALLY found Viero Bridal. Not only was I able to custom design the dress with my sister, but the level of professionalism was outstanding and far beyond any bridal shop I had visited. A huge thank you to the Viero bridal team for making my wedding dress dreams a reality and for making me feel like a princess on my wedding day.

They say that self expression makes a more lasting impression, and I couldn’t agree more.

Viero Bridal designed the two dresses that I totally adored, they incorporated my taste, character, a personal vision and the most important they were one-of-a-kind.

  • Vira-Davidove

My gown was inspired by my favorite show, Sex in the City, and Stephanie Seymour's dress in the video for the song 'November Rain' by Guns N' Roses, which is also my favorite music video.

The rose on the dress was, like much of the wedding, inspired by the south of Spain. The skirt was also detachable—which made the garment perfect for dancing. Viero Bridal made it all happen. "Love you guys. Thank you for my dream dress!

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  • wedding dress

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