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My vision for VIERO

Make brides feel as beautiful and memorable as their big day

When I moved to the US, I was surprised to see so many wedding dress retailers. Being a fashionista, I was excited about how many dress options I’d have. Sadly, I discovered most retailers sold the same tired dress designs. The industry was apathetic about making brides feel unforgettable on their big day.

I opened the first VIERO boutique in Chicago to change this. Soon I was partnering with top notch designers who felt the same way I did.

"The industry was apathetic about making brides feel unforgettable on their big day."

Understand brides to give them better dress choices

With my first VIERO boutique, I quickly noticed a disconnect between retailers and dress producers. Tired dress designs came from manufacturers that didn’t have experience helping brides. Producing the same dress each year was good for their profit, and brides would buy them because retailers couldn’t get anything else from producers. Retailers and brides were frustrated.

That’s when I knew VIERO could be exceptional. We would get to know brides in our own boutiques, and we’d use that knowledge to bring brides and other retailers the fresh looks they wanted.

Offer brides remarkable quality they can’t find anywhere else

Most wedding dress shops and brands claim exceptional quality. They promise they care about a bride’s big day as much as she does. Like many brides, I’ve learned these claims are often untrue. A bride is the expert on her dream. No one cares about the details more than she does. But VIERO wants to be the next in line when it comes to getting the details perfect.

That’s why I opened an atelier where we’ve developed VIERO’s own brand of handcrafted couture-inspired wedding dresses made with the finest materials and craftmanship. We’ve even grown to offer custom one-of-a-kind gowns for brides who want a dress made just for them.

Make the luxury that brides want more attainable

Wedding dresses are expensive. Even shops that claim low prices are only inexpensive on a relative basis. One of the biggest barriers I faced when I introduced fresh looks that were handcrafted was convincing brides that this level of quality could fit their budget. Brides can expect more without overspending.

I continue to believe every bride should expect to have a wedding dress that is thoughtfully designed and finely detailed with high quality materials that make her feel more beautiful than ever. And she should be able to buy that dress for a reasonable price.

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