8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know

Wedding photographers have seen their fair share of weddings. This also means that wedding photographers have also seen the good and the bad of wedding days. As the photographer follows every step of the way, they play witness to everything from dress disasters to meal mishaps as often as they witness beautiful bouquets and gorgeous gowns.

Weddings are a blur of emotions and activity that create memories to last a lifetime. But, couples often forget pictures when planning their big day. Finding the right photographer is only half of the battle.

At Viero Bridal we understand what goes into finding the perfect dress and planning a wedding but we also know how easy it is to forget some of the finer details on the actual day.

Remember, your photographer has seen it all! And because of that experience, there are a few things they’d like you to know when it comes to your wedding photos.

Follow these tips to make sure you are creating picture perfect mementos!

What You Need to Know for Your Wedding Photos

A great wedding photographer knows that they are in charge of capturing memories for generations and takes their work seriously. A good one will ensure you get the finest photographs possible on your big day—they know how important it is!

Here some tips on improving your photos from top wedding photographers:

Photographer Pro Tip #1: Make Sure You are Comfortable in your Dress

This one may seem pretty self-explanatory, but photographers have seen many brides wearing an uncomfortable wedding gown.

Some gowns are too tight, some have not been fitted properly, and everything in between. Choosing a reputable bridal boutique like Viero Bridal is vital to ensure that you have an experienced professional helping you select your wedding gown from one of our beautiful collections. You may even opt for a custom wedding gown made with one of our Custom Dress Specialists.

Spending time to choose the perfect dress that suits your style and body is crucial to feeling comfortable and looking fabulous. It’s important to remember that wedding photos last forever, and you want to make sure that there are no awkward images from your special day.

Photographer Pro Tip #2: Don’t Forget the Rings!

Many brides and grooms tend to forget something significant on their wedding day, their rings!

It’s easy for couples to get wrapped up in everything. They can easily misplace or even lose these treasured items. Some forget to leave enough time to have the rings purchased and fitted!

Don’t let this happen to you, and make sure you give yourself time to buy your rings, and have someone chosen to be on the lookout for where the rings are at all times on your wedding day.

Photographer Pro Tip #3: Have Fun

A wedding day can be very stressful, but you want to be sure that your guests—and you— have fun. Creating a checklist can help ease the stress of wedding day jitters, and if you are not as organized as you would like to be, ask a friend to be the go-between for the vendors and any issues that pop up.

If you and those closest to you aren’t enjoying themselves, then chances are no one else will be either. Your guests will notice whether you are looking happy or not, too. Take a deep breath and enjoy your special day!

Photographer Pro Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Details

Details are essential for your wedding! Ensure that you don’t forget about those little things that often get overlooked, such as toiletry essentials in the restrooms for your guests, playing music for older and younger guests, and remembering teetotalers when planning your reception!

When it comes to your wedding photos, you should also consider the details. Browse wedding photos from your photographer and others in your area and note the elements you love.

You may want to base your flower choices, place settings, and even wedding accessories on the photos you admire.

Photographer Pro Tip #5: Check the Weather!

While you will probably be checking the weather very closely, especially if you have outdoor features, it may get more hectic as you approach your wedding day (and the weather may change!) Checking the weather in advance will help you plan accordingly and avoid any unnecessary stress leading up to your wedding day.

Photographer Pro Tip #6: Do Your Research and Trust Your Photographer

OrleanYour photographs are a record of your wedding day, which is why taking your time when hiring a photographer is really important. Photographers can provide the equipment and take photos, but if you don’t jive together, it can ruin the images altogether.

On the other hand, trust their expertise once you find a photographer that works well with you. A good photographer knows the best poses, the proper lighting and can efficiently get the best photos.

If you are hesitant or not ready for your photos, you may force your photographer to waste valuable time that they could be using to get the perfect shots!

Photographer Pro Tip #7: Make sure Your Photographer has a Backup Plan

If there is bad weather or other types of issues with lighting, make sure your photographer has a backup plan in place.

This can also include having an alternate location to take your photos, such as under a canopy or indoors if the weather is not cooperating on your wedding day!

Photographer Pro Tip #8: Make sure Your Photographer has Food

Photographers are often working for hours at a time, so it’s essential to make sure they have something to eat while doing their job.

While you will likely include your photographer in your wedding dinner, providing water and snacks to your photographer is a kind gesture and ensures that they are keeping focus.

The snacks can be anything from energy bars to fruit; it doesn’t have to be fancy—just make sure they are eating!

Planning Your Wedding

The wedding planning process can be daunting. From choosing the flowers, meal, and music to the ultra-important selection of the wedding gown and picking the right photographer to capture the best moments, you want everything to be perfect.

Viero Bridal can help you take care of the apparel portion of your wedding planning. We suggest making the process easier by taking time for yourself, researching styles and designers that appeal to you, and trying on dresses with an open mind instead of feeling pressured into buying immediately. Once this task is complete, you can set about choosing a photographer you trust!

When planning your wedding, you can help alleviate some of the wedding planning stress by following the tips listed in this article.

When you are ready to look for your wedding gown, book an appointment with Viero Bridal. We have wedding dress boutiques in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Between our range of designer gowns, the custom couture option, and our friendly, expert staff, you will be sure to find the dress of your dreams!