From Gown to Color: Prepping Your Ultimate Wedding Looks

Congratulations! You have found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with. Now it is time to start planning for your wedding day

The next few months will be a whirlwind of decisions, but one thing that is impossible to forget is figuring out what your ultimate wedding look will be. From deciding on your venue, the style, choosing accessories and shoes to finding the dress, there are decisions to be made.

When it comes time to choose your wedding style, do you know where to turn or start? Keep reading to see how to prepare your ultimate wedding look with the help of our professionals at Viero Bridal.

Your Wedding Style

Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about your wedding gown since you can remember, or you’re someone who has never considered it until now. And the wedding gown is only part of your ultimate wedding look.

Creating your wedding look will involve making a lot of decisions, and include wedding gown shopping. While this can be an exciting time, it can also be stressful. After all, you’ve probably never tried on a wedding dress before, and it’s the most expensive item many women will ever buy, so it may seem like the pressure is definitely on while wedding gown hunting.

You may also find that there’s a whole new lexicon to master—tulle, beading, ruching—and a whole lot of choice to consider.

At Viero Bridal, we understand the importance of finding exactly what you’re looking for in your wedding gown. We have hand-picked our collections to include both traditional and modern styles so you can find exactly what you are looking for without all the added stress

Your wedding style is not only about the wedding gown, though. Your accessories, hair, makeup, shoes, and even your wedding style should work together to create a cohesive style that is all about you (and your future spouse!)

Where to Start

Choose a style

DaynekIf you haven’t already, decide whether you want a casual barn wedding or a more formal, black-tie wedding before beginning your wedding gown and accessory search

You will want to keep the location and theme in mind as you shop for dresses, especially if your wedding style and color palette will be unique or unconventional.

For instance, if you are looking for a casual garden party wedding, you may want to think of something relaxed and fun rather than a dramatic backless gown that is completely embellished with layers upon layers of tulle—though, if that is your preference, go for it!

Set a budget

If you set a spending limit of $3,000 for your wedding attire, you should not purchase a $3,000 dress. This is important because you must include other factors in the wedding gown budget, such as tailoring, accessories (including your veil), and cleaning and storing it after the wedding.

Choose your shopping audience wisely

frida collectionSometimes, bringing a big crew of people with you for your wedding gown shopping can be a disaster—and create more confusion when trying to choose the perfect wedding gown for your big day

Narrow down the number of people involved to those who influence you most and those whose opinion you most value (and most trust!)

Think of your fabrics

Fabric has a significant impact on how a gown will appear on you, in addition to silhouette, color, and embellishments

A heavier, more structured fabric (for example, silk shantung or guipure lace) will retain its form and smooth your figure. Unstructured silk and thin chiffon are less forgiving, as they will cling to the body and accentuate every lump and bump.


When it comes to accessorizing your wedding look, you can allow your personality to shine. This is especially true if you are keeping your wedding gown and venue elegant or formal, you may wish to choose a pair of jewel-toned shoes, or jewelry, makeup, or a hairstyle that compliments your personality

Choosing your Wedding Gown Style

Since your wedding gown purchase is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, it should not be taken lightly

You’ll first need to decide on a budget, location of the wedding, number of guests, and other factors that will determine your ultimate wedding style. Following this, it is now time to start thinking about what you’d like in terms of fabrics, silhouettes, colors, embellishments, and other factors that will contribute to your wedding gown look.

The Perfect Color for Your Wedding Gown

Do you envision walking the aisle in a white wedding dress? Or is blush, nude, ivory, or even a pastel more your style? It’s time to consider the color

MiaWhere will you be getting married? Will your wedding ceremony take place in an outdoor garden or at night under a star-filled sky, with candlelight illuminating your special moment? Maybe you have an idea of the color you want already. Mention this to your consultant at your appointment to ensure that you are shown all the possible options.

Before you start browsing around for ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s best to determine what kind of backdrop you’ll have so that you can choose the color of your wedding gown accordingly

The color of your dress will also depend on what type of mood you are trying to create for your big day, whether it’s an opulent and regal party or a laid-back celebration in the countryside with family and friends by way of rustic chic decor.

There is no correct answer when it comes to choosing your wedding gown color—it all comes down to what you are comfortable wearing, your personal style, and how it will best fit in with the entire ensemble.

The Style of Your Wedding Gown

No matter what kind of wedding gown you choose, Viero Bridal can ensure that it is a perfect fit. We have the best selection of the current styles in bridal wear for your big day, including:

  • A-line dresses
  • Varying hemlines
  • Sleeves or strapless gowns
  • Empire waistlines
  • Fitted bodices with beading or lace details
  • Sheer and embellished necklines with sheer sleeves or illusion panels
  • Long trains and dramatic backs

It is a good idea to listen to bridal consultants when selecting the type of design you wish for your wedding gown. Our bridal consultants have seen it all, from women with no idea what they want, to those that are heartbroken that their desired style doesn’t work on their bodies. Our consultants can help you find a flattering gown that will make your dreams come true

When deciding on your wedding gown, you may also opt for a custom couture gown by one of our designers. This will allow you to choose the fabric and cut of your dress and create details unique to your style and personality.

Stay True to You

In the end, your ultimate wedding look is about you.

Whether you have a style in mind or need some guidance, the end decision will be yours.

It’s all too easy to bend at the moment to the gown your mother, sister, or maid of honor likes on you. But it’s vital that you go with what you love and feel like your ideal dress, no matter what other people think. After all, the day is about you and your spouse, and you should feel comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly—happy in your gown.

Find The Perfect Wedding Gown at Viero Bridal

At Viero Bridal, we have a wide selection of affordable wedding gowns for the most discerning bride. If a custom gown is what you are after, we can make the necessary alterations to any gown to ensure it is exactly as you imagined. Take your wedding style and we can make your dream dress come true!

To help create your ultimate wedding look, shop Viero Bridal online or visit us at one of our wedding dress boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas