How to Find the Best Wedding Dress for your Body

We know how to help you find your dream dress so you feel amazing on your big day

You should wear whatever you want on your wedding day, especially if what you want makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful.

When it comes to wedding gowns, there are so many different silhouettes for you to choose from. So many that you may be feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of setting foot in a bridal shop.

But don’t fret, brides across America are choosing to wear whatever style makes them feel and look their best!

To find a style it is possible to arrange an appointment at one of our wedding dress boutiques in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, or Los Angeles but that simply is not an option for everyone.

And that is why we have compiled a list of our favorite styles for different body types and body shapes from busty, petite and pear, to plus-sized, athletic or apple. Narrowing down which style is likely to compliment you the most, will help you find that perfect dress, and start your shopping experience on a positive note.

If you feel beautiful in a dress, that is the dress you should choose, whether that dress is couture or custom designed by you at one of our best bridal shops.

Here’s what you need to know to find the right wedding dress for your body:


If your body shape is petite, you may have a hard time finding a dress that doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Too much material may feel like you’re drowning, and too much structure may hit you in the wrong places, making you appear even shorter.

A sheath dress adds length to your body and looks very chic and modern on a petite bride. Sheath dresses look fabulous in any material, but especially great in silk or crepe.

An A-line dress is lovely on a petite frame, as the clean lines can create the illusion that a petite frame is longer. Alternatively, you may choose to wear a fit and flare. Without highlighting the waist with lines, having a clean or vertically lined bodice is especially flattering.

Trumpet style dresses are a great option, or anything with an empire waist can create the illusion that you are taller than you are.

With any dress you may choose to fit your frame, the best bridal shops will be able to suggest dresses that may be perfect for you. If during your appointment, you find a dress that fits, but you do not like the detailing, you may choose to design a dress of your own.


If you are plus-sized, an A-line wedding dress with an empire waist is extremely flattering. A corset-style bodice can allow you to flaunt your curves, and you can choose how much of your decolletage that you want to show.

A corseted dress can also provide support for a larger bust, as the lines of the dress will emphasize the waist.

You may also choose a trumpet, or mermaid style wedding dress. These styles are similar, as they are fitted through the bodice and flare out at the bottom or close to the bottom. This style of dress looks great for any type of wedding but it is especially fitting for a formal wedding.

Another option for a curvy bride is a high-low hem. This style is great for a bride that wants to show off her gams. This style of dress works all year long but is great for a warm climate or summer wedding. High-Low hem style of a wedding gown is also great for dancing the night away!

One-shoulder or off the shoulder wedding gowns are also a great option for a curvy or plus-sized bride. With an off the shoulder dress, you can choose to have a more modest neckline, or you can go completely in the other direction and have a deeper, plunging, neckline.

A one-shoulder dress is very on-trend, or if you prefer, a drop sleeve can provide a bit of coverage for your arms, without having to wear a full sleeve.

With any of these styles, you can choose virtually any material for your wedding gown, which means you can wear any of the dress trends from this year. You can opt for color, lace, boho, ultra-feminine, or somewhere in between.

Speak to your bridal consultant at the bridal boutique about finding a dress that you makes you feel you are at most beautiful.


If you have an athletic body type, you may want to wear a dress that shows off a certain part of your body.

This may mean you want to wear a short or tea-length dress to show off your legs, a sweetheart neckline dress to show off your chest, shoulders or arms, or a backless dress.

You may want to choose a more sexy silhouette, like a pretty sheath dress or figure-hugging mermaid style dress.

A fit and flare dress is a lovely silhouette for an athletic body type. Additionally, embroidery or beading work on your dress will look beautiful.

A boat neckline, a halter top, or strapless wedding gown will take you from walking down the aisle to celebrating with friends and family in style.

Sometimes it is hard to choose the right dress for your body, and even the bridal gowns you may see on the rack are not hitting the way you had hoped, or you are not seeing what you think is most flattering.

The best bridal shops will have trained consultants that work with you, your dreams and your style expectations to make your experience a good one. Don’t limit yourself to what you are choosing for your body- trust the consultant, and try one of the picks from the bridal boutique, you never know what you might love!


A bride with an ample amount of cleavage may choose to show it off, or choose to keep it a bit more modest.

Whatever your level of comfort with your bust, you may need to specially design or order a wedding gown for it to fit you properly.

Something to consider when trying various wedding dress styles is whether or not you would like to wear a bra with straps. This translates to wearing a dress with straps. You will also decide if you want thick straps or if you are able to wear thinner straps.

Many styles will flatter your body and provide the silhouette you are looking for on your big day. Your decision here will mostly depend on your comfort level.

If you are self-conscious about the size of your bust, you may want to avoid a lot of extra fabric in the chest area. You can choose a dress with a lot of extra detailing like beading, pearls, or crystals, in order to draw eyes away from your chest area.

You may want to cover your chest completely and have a backless dress. There are great options with internal boning and support that allow even the bustiest of brides the freedom of going braless on their wedding day.

Apple or Pear Shaped


An ‘apple-shaped’ body generally refers to someone that has broader shoulders, sometimes a larger bust, and bigger midsection with little to no waist, lean thighs and legs.

If you have an apple-shaped body, you may want to wear a tea-length or short wedding dress in order to show some leg.

Another great option for an apple-shaped bride is choosing a dress that has detailing around the waist, like a cinched-in waist, or a belted waistline, or even a flower or beaded detail on the waist of your wedding dress, that will provide definition.

You may choose to wear a wedding gown that shows off a bit of your upper body- like your decolletage, and minimizes your chest if that is something that makes you feel self-conscious.


A ‘pear-shaped’ body usually means that the top of the body is smaller than the lower portion.
One flattering option for a pear-shaped body is to choose separates. If your top is a smaller size than your bottom half, you may benefit from choosing a dress and skirt, or even the trendy pantsuit or jumpsuit option.

If you are looking for a more traditional take and would like to wear a wedding gown, you may opt for something that draws attention upward, like a halter dress, a one-shoulder dress, or a strapless gown.

You may also want to wear an A-line wedding dress that just skims your hips and legs.

Dress for yourself

Of course, if you are getting married, you are probably wanting to simply show your best self. You are probably also considering your audience — guests, family, and of course, your future spouse!

While these people may factor into your decision, your comfort, personality, and style should be what leads you to your final decision when choosing a wedding gown.

Wedding dress style options are virtually endless and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But our bridal experts at Viero Bridal boutiques can help you wade through the styles and materials to find something that will work best for you.

You should buy what fits you, what allows you to move, and what makes you great.

Our bodies are all unique, and your wedding dress choice should be just as unique.

Contact us today or stop into one of our locations. We have some of the best bridal shops in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We’ll help you find the wedding gown of your dreams.