How to Involve Your Future Spouse in Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is thrilling but can be stressful. You have many decisions to make, and the details can seem overwhelming. Most of the tasks fall on the bride, but involving your spouse in the process can lighten the load.

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming, mainly because you are trying to plan the perfect event. Before making big decisions, it is a good idea to get together with your future spouse to find out what sort of things they have in mind. They may be just as excited as you are but have no idea how they can help.

Creating a unique and fun wedding that screams ’you’ isn’t impossible. One way to do that is by tapping into the uniqueness and creativity that exemplifies you both. This is the best way to keep you both involved, motivated, and happy!

Here are a few ways that you can involve your future spouse in your wedding planning:

Ways to Involve Your Future Spouse in Wedding Planning

Choosing the Date

Choosing the date for your wedding is one of the first decisions you must make. Getting your future spouse involved in this decision is a great idea. They will know of any complications, like their great aunt that can’t handle the heat (so a midsummer wedding won’t work) or their best friend is traveling for a year, so the marriage may need to be on a specific date.

Choosing the date together means you can avoid any scheduling conflict and ensure that you both will feel comfortable and ready to celebrate your nuptials.

Ask for Their Opinion

It’s important to acknowledge that even if you think you are the one doing the bulk of the planning, your partner is likely to have some of their own ideas. Talk to your partner about what they want—it may surprise you!

If you care deeply about your partner’s desires, it’s always better to discuss those wants before making any final decisions. It’s your partner’s wedding too, so don’t just sign off on your idea.

For example, before booking a venue on your own or with your wedding planner, explore the venue options with your future spouse. They may have thoughts about something they want to incorporate into your big day that is impossible at your desired venue, or they may even have an excellent idea for another location.

Go on Dates

Yes, you are already engaged, but sometimes wedding planning gets so hectic that you forget the actual end goal: to get married to your sweetheart. One of the best (and most fun) ways to include your future spouse in wedding planning is to ‘date’ them by incorporating dates into the decision-making. For example, when arranging the tasting for your meal or dessert, make a day of it.

Some people even choose to bring their future spouse dress shopping. There are lots of things you can do to make this a fun, playful, date-like experience.

Help Develop a Budget

Planning a wedding budget can be frustrating, and it can also be hard to figure out your budget without input from your future spouse. In the process of budgeting for a wedding, it often helps to consult your significant other. A marriage is a compromise and also means sharing financial responsibilities and decisions.

One of the most important aspects of planning is finding ways to use your resources appropriately. Before any planning, sit down with your fiancé and talk about what your budget should be. One way to ensure you do not overspend on your wedding is to set aside a specific dollar amount for each aspect of the process, including tips and gratuities, thus cutting down on impulse purchases.

Both you and your partner should agree before spending big bucks on items such as flowers before making any commitments to vendors.

Making the Hard Decisions

Sometimes, wedding planning involves making hard decisions and then relaying the information. Involving your future spouse can relieve some of the pressure these decisions can put on you.

One decision that can be awkward is whether or not children are invited to a wedding. You can nominate your future spouse to make the decision and give that information to anyone who may be affected. Maybe your cousin wants to bring a friend that doesn‘t get along with another (treasured) wedding guest; in that case, your spouse can deliver the message about not being able to attend the wedding. It’s easy to be disappointed by a refusal. And nobody wants to be let down, so having your future spouse take care of these complicated tasks can be helpful.

Furthermore, if you are united on these decisions, it can be easier for people to take. Instead of being a snub of some sort, it is just how the wedding has been planned. It may soften some of the blow.

Have Them Plan a Part of the Wedding Day

Since there are many parts of wedding planning that you will need to manage, it can be easier to share the load by having your future spouse plan a specific aspect of the wedding. You could give your partner the responsibility for something, like mapping out a timeline for the day, planning the honeymoon, or arranging a signature cocktail.

Not only will your future spouse feel involved in the process, but you will also have more time to work on other aspects of your wedding or even relax because the work is done.

Create the Seating Chart Together

Some significant decisions are best made as a team. One of these major decisions is the creation of your seating chart. It can take a lot of research to keep track of tables, types, and arrangements for your wedding reception.

Creating a seating plan with your partner can make it easier to figure out the best way to arrange the tables and who should be sitting near one another. Your partner is familiar with their loved ones on an emotional level and knows which configurations will work best for them.

Remember the Important Things When Wedding Planning

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At the end of the day, your wedding is a special day for you and your future spouse. You can create the wedding of your dreams and include your spouse in important decisions. Our guide can help you with some ideas for keeping your spouse involved in the wedding planning process, and when it comes time to choose your wedding gown, turn to Viero Bridal.

Choosing a gown for your wedding is a very personal decision, and since it is such an essential thing on your big day, most brides want to complete the process away from their future spouse. Of course, it should be perfect for who you and your wedding style. And as mentioned above, if you would prefer to have your spouse join in on the selection process, that’s up to you!

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