How to Make Your Wedding Photos Even Better

When you embark on your wedding planning journey, you likely have a few ideas in mind. You probably have preferences for date and season, venue, and maybe even the caterer. You may have found a photographer whose work you love and with whom you connect.

When it comes to wedding photos, it is generally assumed that a photographer (with a little input from you) will take photos the same or similar to the ones you saw in their portfolio. Even after hiring them, it may take a little time to sink in that YOU will be the star of the photoshoot!

We would all love to appear natural in a photo but for many of us, as soon as the lens turns in our direction, we don’t know how to pose or where to look! But relax! Take a deep breath! There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your wedding photos are perfect, despite any awkwardness that you may feel.

Here’s our best advice on how to ensure your wedding photos are the best they can be and serve as a precious reminder of your day for years to come!

Try An Engagement Shoot

Trishna_1An engagement photoshoot before your wedding day can help you take great photos on your wedding day. If you have chosen a photographer that you do not know but admire, it might be beneficial to try a dry run.

You might even want to book an engagement shoot with a photographer you’re considering for your wedding. You will benefit from seeing the results and you will develop a relationship that will come in handy on your wedding day.

Another advantage of an engagement shoot is getting the kinks worked out before your wedding photoshoot. You and your future spouse will be able to determine poses that work for you (and ones that don’t), and you can develop a natural-looking smile- which is harder than it sounds!

Hunt for the Right Location

At your wedding, a decent photographer will take the requisite photos: while you are getting ready, the ceremony, the venue, and more. It would help if you decided on a special location or two as well.

Isabella_1Consider locations unique to your area, your relationship, or you as a person. If you and your spouse enjoy time on the water, photos at the waterside might be in order. Some people are more self-conscious when there are people milling about. If this is the case for you, avoid tourist hotspots, and think of some secluded spots with beautiful surroundings, like a national park or a friend’s private garden. Maybe you live in a historic area with wonderful brick buildings that would provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding gown.

If you are concerned about feeling bashful or awkward, mention this to your photographer. They might already have some wedding photoshoot locations in mind that can provide the result you want while making you feel more comfortable.

Be Discerning With Your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists

Your wedding day (usually) only happens once, and it is natural to want to look your best.

However, makeup for daily activities like work or nights out is very different from wedding makeup. Bridal hairstyles are usually more extravagant and require more staying power than a regular hairstyle. You need an experienced hairstylist and makeup artist to translate your hair and makeup for wedding photos. They will create a look that translates well in photos.

The amount of time that you spend researching your hairstylist and makeup artist will be worth it when you see how fabulous you look on your wedding day and in your wedding photos.

Check out their social media channels for pictures of brides, or ask to see a portfolio of bridal hair and makeup- and request a trial! You may want some small tweaks to their plan for your hair and makeup that will be impossible on your wedding day.

Additionally, you may want to create a makeup and hair touch up kit with miniature versions of the makeup you decided upon for your trial and hairspray, elastics, or bobby pins for your hair.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Relax

Sienna_2There are many benefits to a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding; the ability to stay up longer to enjoy what will be a long day, and sleeping well contributes to a less puffy, more rested face. You will thank yourself when you look back at your photos.

Before having your photos taken, you may benefit from practicing a relaxation technique. Meditation, some music, or even a shot of tequila or a glass of champagne might do the trick. You can even try decompressing with your wedding party and family.

Choose a Photographer That You Trust

As we stated above, taking great photos sometimes depends on your rapport with your wedding photographer. So, if you choose a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable around, you are more likely to let go and act naturally.

It is essential to consider factors other than their photography skills when choosing a wedding photographer. You can begin to correspond and get a sense of how you feel with the photographer from your initial conversations.

Is the photographer reasonably easy to get a hold of? Are they enthusiastic about working with you? You will know your comfort level with the wedding photographer relatively soon after meeting, so keep in mind that you are the best judge of character.

If you get a bad vibe from a potential photographer, find one with which you jive. You might be slightly disappointed to not work with your first choice, but working with someone with whom you have a rapport is vital to producing excellent wedding photos.

Other ways to get to know a photographer: suggest a video conference or a meeting in a park or coffee shop.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Audree_3One of the most important ways to make your wedding photos even better is finding the perfect wedding gown.

Start your search for the perfect wedding dress, making a list, or create a Pinterest board of the dress style you love and setting a wedding gown budget.

Once you have an idea of the type of wedding gown you want, make an appointment at a reputable wedding shop.

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