How To Manage Multiple Bridal Looks on Your Wedding Day

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting experience, but what happens when you can’t decide on one gown or outfit for your wedding day? Finding the perfect bridal look might mean choosing more than one. No longer viewed as over the top, many brides are wearing multiple bridal looks on their wedding day.

From a ceremony gown to a dance-proof dress to a comfortable bridal romper, brides everywhere are selecting the looks that best express their personality, comfort, and beauty. With more and more brides mixing and matching versions of bridal style on their big day, some have begun to go completely off-the-beaten path.

Choosing the best dress for your wedding is a joy, but many brides choose to wear multiple looks, proving that weddings—and bridal style— are constantly evolving.

Bridal looks often reflect the bride’s wedding ceremony venue or personal style. This is often impractical, especially when the ceremony location is vastly different from the reception and many beautiful wedding dresses are hard to move around in and particularly hard to dance in.

As complicated as it may sound, managing different bridal looks can be simple and it could be just the thing to blow your guests’ minds!

This guide will tell you how.

Why Do Brides Choose Multiple Bridal Looks?

One of the significant reasons brides change their looks throughout the wedding day is how different venues can make a bride’s look either match or feel out of place. Wedding ceremonies inside a church or other places of worship can often require a more conservative or traditional dress.

Options are endless for this—sleeved gowns, modest necklines, and longer-length gowns. Some brides opt instead for add-ons to create a more traditional appearance. These include wedding boleros, veils, and bridal capes.

Another reason for choosing multiple looks is to remain comfortable at every step of the wedding day journey. There are plenty of options at your disposal, and you can change looks throughout the wedding day to give it a different feel.

Some brides prefer to be more formal for their wedding ceremony and casual or chic for the cocktail hour. There are no ‘rules’ for your wedding day looks, so it’s ok to change along the way.

It is your wedding day—have fun!

When to Change Your Wedding Look on Your Wedding Day

Opting to change your wedding look on your big day can mean some juggling. However, it does not need to be stressful. After all, you will have planned your wedding day timeline carefully, with outfit changes in mind.

Keep in mind two things:

  1. You don’t want to miss any special moments
  2. You don’t want to keep your guests waiting

Your wedding photographer may have some ideas about a good time to change your wedding look. One idea is to provide a fun cocktail hour for guests while you change from your ceremony dress into your second look. But don’t spend the entire hour changing. If you are switching venues between the ceremony and reception, find a spot where you can change your outfit beforehand.

A fun way to showcase your new bridal look is to toast your guests when you come back dressed for the after-party. Another option is to change after dinner, while others are still visiting and eating— perfect timing before you hit the dance floor!

Things to Consider When Managing Multiple Bridal Looks

Weddings are typically a big production, so the bride has some influence over how the day is run. Be mindful of this when facing resistance from others over your wedding attire. Your comfort and personality should be prioritized when deciding to wear multiple bridal looks.

You may even want to honor a favorite sports team or a cherished culture in one of your wedding looks. Consider mixing things up with an added pop of color in your hair accessories or jewelry. It’s all about knowing what type of look you’re looking for; that way, when you find it, you can see how it will enhance your wedding look.

Ceremony Style

The ceremony is your chance to shine, so don’t pass up the opportunity to make a statement in front of your guests when all eyes are on you. Of course, you want everything to be perfect. Investing in the ideal wedding gown can make all the difference when exchanging your wedding vows.

You should carefully consider your wedding gown choice for your ceremony. Think about what season the ceremony is taking place in and what type of ceremony you plan to have so that it feels authentic to the meaning of the day, the venue, and your personal style.

Reception Style

As the party is getting started, a change of bridal look at the reception should reflect your style and vibe for your friends and family, so choose your next wedding look with this in mind.

The reception is the time to go avant-garde and fashion-forward if you wore a conservative look for the ceremony. You may even want to try a daring color or funky style or even change up the length of your gown at this time. The reception is often the time when many brides change footwear, too. Opt for more comfortable kicks at this time, so you can dance and socialize the night away without having to take off stuffy stilettos.

The Bottom Line

Modern weddings are about a couple enjoying their unique style. You no longer have to worry much about wedding attire, which is excellent. Be true to yourself and your future spouse, and follow your path. Find out what makes you sparkle, and follow it; there are no rules!

Brides have the final say when deciding what they want to wear on their wedding day. You may wish to switch wedding gowns, but you may also find a dress that you can bustle, a convertible, or something else that will make you feel comfortable all day long!

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