How to Match Your Groom’s Attire to Your Dress and Wedding Style

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. You plan the perfect theme, choose your colors, pick flowers, decide on the venue, and most importantly, you find the right wedding gown. You’ve got all of the details in place so now, it is time to think about the groom’s attire!

Dressing your groom can be difficult. You want the groom’s attire to complement your wedding gown and match your wedding style, and at the same time, you want it to showcase their personality. As all eyes will be on both of you on your wedding day, you will want to look your best and make sure you both make a splash!

Follow our suggestions for choosing your groom’s attire so you both will be the fashion highlight of your wedding day!

The Suit Should Match the Formality of the Wedding Style

The most fundamental rule for matching your groom’s attire to your wedding gown is that it should match the wedding’s venue, season, and style.

More than likely, you carefully choose your wedding gown to match these elements and your groom should be no different.

If you are marrying in the summer, a wool suit will probably be inappropriate. Similarly, you should avoid a black-tie tuxedo if you are having a casual brunch wedding.

For a daytime wedding or a beach, lakeside, barn, field or backyard setting, a lighter colored suit made from cotton or linen is an excellent option for your groom.

For an evening wedding with a ballroom, hotel, or another luxurious setting, charcoal, navy blue or black tuxedo, or crisply-tailored suit will be fabulous.

Coordinate With the Bride

The best opportunity to show your collective style as a couple is on your wedding day. If the bride is wearing a pair of royal blue pumps, perhaps the groom could sport a royal blue tie, for example. Conversely, if the bride is wearing a poufy, bejeweled gown, it might look strange for the groom to wear a seersucker suit when a black suit or tuxedo would be more appropriate for the bride’s style.

Other excellent matching looks:

  • A sheath-style silk wedding gown with a slim-cut gray suit
  • A bohemian lace gown with a tan suit and cowboy boots
  • A tea-length A-line dress with a fitted suit and skinny tie
  • A 1920s flapper-style gown with a classic black tuxedo

The Groom’s Attendants Should Match the Groom

It is traditional for the groom’s attendants to match the attire of the groom, sometimes with color tweaks or slight variations.

You may not want the groom’s attendants to dress alike, or even be an exact match to the groom, but the style of their outfits should match with both the bride and groom. One option is to put the groom and the attendants in the same suit and color with different colored ties.

Additionally, you should include the bridesmaids in this matching act. If the bridesmaids are wearing different colored gowns of, for example, muted autumn shades, the groom’s attendants could wear a tie or boutonniere of the same shade to match.

A Perfect Fit

A groom in a well-tailored and well-fitting suit is the most flattering. Not only will the groom feel great, but they will be comfortable, too.

To create a more lithe silhouette, try a fitted suit that comes in at the waist. If appropriate for your venue and wedding style, a darker color suit will be more flattering than a lighter color. A tall and slim groom will look great in most suits, but it is essential to have the suit tailored to ensure that the fit is perfect and the pants are long enough.

Remember, you both should be able to move your arms well—you will be hugging, dancing, and moving around a lot.

Even if you are renting a suit or tuxedo, most stores will tailor the suit to fit the groom’s body type. Not only should the suit fit well through the abdomen and chest, but it is important that the arms are long enough, and that the jacket is also long enough at the back. A good tailor will ensure that the pants size fits well when standing and sitting down and that they are not too long or too short when standing or sitting.

Use Your Accessories

Your accessories will set your wedding party apart and showcase your uniqueness!

Many grooms and their attendants use their accessories to let their personality shine through on a day that is typically about the bride’s fashion. You can use a unique bowtie, or add a vest, and even customize the boutonniere to fit the style of the wedding and to show your guests how one of a kind groom and groom’s attendants really are!

The groom may even want to wear unique cufflinks—and something special to the groom or the attendants could be used as a special gift from the bride and groom. For instance, if they share a love of sports, cufflinks representing their favorite team would be a thoughtful way to let them wear something fun on a day that is traditionally more stuffy than they’re used to.

When you plan your wedding, keep in mind that both the bride and groom will need appropriate wedding attire. Choosing a wedding gown first can help you decide what attire the groom will wear. Viero Bridal has the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. By visiting one of these flagship locations, you are sure to find the perfect couture wedding gown for your big day!

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