How to Put On the Best Black-Tie Wedding

When you start wedding planning, one of the first items on your pre-wedding checklist is deciding on a wedding theme. In fact, after deciding on a budget for your wedding, choosing a theme should come next. It will determine what type of wedding gown you choose, your decor, the venue, and even your wedding day jewelry.

ClioIf you have dreamed of sophisticated and lavish nuptials, a black-tie wedding is a perfect choice for you.

To pull off this elegant style, you will need to plan carefully so that your guests will remember your day long after you walk down the aisle. A black-tie wedding might sound like it will be challenging to organize, but we are here to help.

Check out our best ideas for your black-tie affair so you can confidently plan an ultra opulent wedding. Here’s our suggestions for every part of your special day.

Set the Scene

Your decor should be as sophisticated, refined, and tasteful as you envisioned when dreaming of your formal wedding.

However, when you start to think of your wedding decor, knowing what is formal enough for your black-tie event can be challenging. It is best to consider that nothing is too formal or too opulent.

When it comes to your wedding cake, think of a classic three-tiered cake. Decorations should be kept to the minimum, but gold gilding or delicate sugar flowers would suit your formal event.

Your centerpieces should be as lush and extravagant as possible. Beautiful floral sculptures, candelabra, and luxurious aisle adornments will reign supreme at a black-tie wedding and have your guests fawning over them.

LeniYour venue should reflect the luxe style of your black-tie wedding. An updated hotel ballroom, event center, museum or art gallery, mansion, and other avant-garde or classically elegant venues will suit your wedding theme. Choose a venue with plush seating options, intricate columns, or sophisticated decor that matches your personal and wedding style.

If your venue does not offer elegant dinnerware, consider renting some for the meal. Black and white monogrammed napkins at each place setting provide a unique touch of class—if you don’t want to be left with too many after the wedding, choose monogrammed coasters for your signature cocktail instead.

If you find the perfect venue, but there are some things you aren’t crazy about with the interior design; event planners can arrange for just about anything you might need to create the perfect setting.

Dress Code

LoveYou and your spouse will set the tone with your wedding attire. However, since your guests won’t see your wedding dress until the wedding, you should prepare your guests for your wedding’s formality with a message on your invitations.

Indicate the dress code on the lower left or right-hand corner of your invitations. If you have a border that will not allow for this, include it in the middle of the bottom of the invitation.

Your guests should understand that this means a tuxedo and evening gown.

The Little Details

A black-tie wedding can feature all the lavish details you choose to add, or it can follow a classic wedding line.

If a signature cocktail is not your style, but you want to have something memorable to add to your reception, you can offer a champagne toast or specialty coffee creation instead.

Your musical choices can be customized to your black-tie wedding, as well. A classic string trio to accompany your wedding ceremony adds a delicate note. Cocktail receptions are a great time to have a jazz band perform, while a DJ playing all of the best party tunes for the dance will create a perfect balance for your wedding day.

Your bridesmaid dresses should also be elegantly styled with classic jewelry. Choose jewel tones, metallics, or even black for their dress colors.

Your Wedding Attire

When it comes time to shop for your wedding gown, your choices are actually relatively vast.

DeliBetween column or sheath gowns, ball gowns, trumpet or mermaid style, and A-line gowns, you can choose whatever dress feels best and makes you feel beautiful. The neckline of your wedding gown can also vary. You may choose from strapless, sleeveless to even long-sleeved, as long as your dress is elegant and makes you feel special.

Your wedding jewelry should be classic and elegant, and your hairstyle should also match your wedding gown style. A timeless and sleek bun or chignon goes with everything. Your makeup can be as heavy or as light as you like—we love a bold lip with neutral eyes for a black-tie wedding.

A black-tie wedding calls for a classic tuxedo for your spouse. There are different styles of tuxedos to choose from, including velvet. Whatever the case, the suit should be formal and fit well.

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