Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

For the bride-to-be planning a beachside wedding, typical wedding dresses can feel too formal for such an easygoing wedding theme. But, that doesn’t mean that your wedding gown has to be informal or plain. Beach wedding dresses can fall anywhere on the style spectrum, from laid back and casual to beaded and ornate. If you can find a wedding dress that suits your character, wedding style, and makes you feel beautiful, you will find the perfect dress for your wedding.

Trishna_1Whether you have your whole wedding planned or are just starting to dip your toes in the planning process, there is never a wrong time to buy your wedding dress or to start getting ideas for your beach wedding dress. Check out our ideas for what to look for in your beach wedding dress—from a formal tented affair to an intimate candlelit gathering with your closest friends and family.

Here are our top things to think about when deciding on your beach wedding dress inspiration:

The Fabric

When looking for a beachy wedding gown, keep the dress fabric in mind. This is especially important if you are someone who gets hot quickly. Light fabrics are perfect for beach weddings, no matter the style. Materials such as linen, organza, lace, cotton, and chiffon are excellent choices that can be used in the design of casual and formal gowns. These materials are light but feel sumptuous so you can find the perfect fit.

DaynekAnother important consideration while choosing your wedding gown is comfort. You will want to avoid a wedding gown that will make you sweat, and especially one that will show sweat marks on the dress. You will also want to choose a wedding dress that you will be able to wear all day.

Keep in mind that there is sometimes more wind by the water. So, if you would like to avoid giving your wedding guests an inadvertent show, your dress design should not be too short or too loose.


White or ivory will always be standard wedding gown colors, but you may want to choose a colored wedding gown when you plan a beach wedding.

Your starting point can be your wedding colors. Always choose complementary colors, and for a little help, try using the color wheel to determine a color that goes well with your wedding colors.

TalianaIf your wedding colors are shades of blue, orange is directly across the color wheel, thus the two colors will work well together. This doesn’t mean you need to choose garish colors, but any color in the same color family will work well. You may also draw inspiration from your skin tone for your wedding gown. If you are shying away from color in your dress, but still love the idea of a colorful wedding, you may also choose to have colorful flowers, accessories, shoes, or cover up/shawl (if necessary).

Look to the area surrounding your beach wedding for your theme colors, bridesmaid dresses, or even your dress! If you are getting married on a lake or riverfront beach, you will be surrounded by deep blues, greens, and shades of straw. An oceanside wedding will see turquoise, terra cotta, and yellows. Depending on the scenery, you may also have oranges, fuchsia, and gold to choose from.

If you want to choose black or dark colors, you should consider your wedding’s time and style. If your beach wedding is in the middle of the day, dark or black will make you hotter, but your options are most vast if your wedding is in the evening.


Once you have determined how formal your wedding will be, you can make a more informed decision about the wedding gown style you will choose for your beach wedding.


You may end up choosing to go barefoot for your wedding ceremony, but remember that you can always wear some great shoes for the reception or dinner if the venue moves to a more formal area.

You can make your gown feel more suited to your wedding or personal style by adding embroidery, embroidery, color, or some dazzling accessories like fun shoes or beautiful jewelry.


Your semi-formal beach wedding calls for any style of dress, but you may want to dress down with your accessories or hairstyle.

If you choose to wear a less than formal wedding gown, there are options available such as a cocktail dress, tea-length gown, or a sheath gown. Fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and organza are great for a semi-formal gown. These fabrics translate to more than casual and can easily transition from the beach to a more formal setting.


Love_1A formal beach wedding dress is the same as a traditional dress at another venue, emphasizing what makes you feel beautiful, you feel comfortable wearing, and a dress that matches your personality.

However, some wedding gowns are more suited to a beach wedding than others. A-line gowns, empire waist, and sheath style gowns are perfect for a formal beach wedding. A ball gown, mermaid, or trumpet-style gown is less suitable for a beach wedding, but ultimately, if you feel beautiful in this style, you should choose it!

Other Beach Wedding Ideas

You should shine on your wedding day, so if you want to wear a full gown, even to the beach, you should.

If you are stumped for ideas, wedding gowns with a simple design that cut a close silhouette are best for the beach. You can also look at more elaborate wedding gowns made with lace or sheer elements. These wedding gowns are light and airy enough to be beachy and give you the option to truly be yourself. When you move in a voluminous dress, one with a train, or many layers, your movement may be inhibited on the sand.

The groom’s attire should match yours, at least in its formality. Try to match the weight of the fabrics of the groom’s suit to your wedding gown, to not only keep the look the same for your wedding photos, but also for the groom’s comfort.

Where to Shop

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Whether designing your own beach wedding gown or choosing from one of Viero Bridal’s beautiful wedding dress lines, always remember that your wedding day is for you to feel your most beautiful.