Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

COVID-19 has the world looking- and acting- a little differently. Nevertheless, there are still engagements to be committed and weddings to be celebrated, and there are still beautiful wedding dresses to be worn.

All brides, from the traditional gal to the fashionista, will want to look to current wedding dress trends for inspiration when making their decision.

To help you find the gown that is right for you, we scoured the runways at Bridal Fashion Week to put together this list of the top wedding dress trends for 2021. Here’s what you need to know:

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Short Dresses

Short does not always mean mini (although we saw some great minis, too!). Short dresses are coming in various lengths, and we are in love!

Designers have created gowns in tea-length, midi, knee-length, and shorter. A short dress is great for an elopement, virtual wedding, casual nuptials, a brunch or cocktail party wedding, or just about any style or theme of wedding that you can imagine.

Short wedding gowns are not only fun and flirty, they often come with a lower price tag.

Short wedding dresses are perfect for a bride with a great pair of gams that does not want to be weighed down by a big wedding gown. Opt for a great pair of shoes to go with your short dress to complete the look.

Already purchased a dress for your wedding but love the idea of a short length wedding dress? Why not consider picking one up to wear to your wedding shower? Or, depending on your wedding budget, you could wear the longer gown to the ceremony and the shorter dress to the reception!

Bishop Sleeves

We know- bishop sleeves are as much a part of the ‘80s as big bangs and neon, but bishop sleeves look very different in the 21st century! Where retro bishop sleeves were all about volume, the modern take is all about romance.

Bishop sleeves are flared at the shoulder and loose to the wrist, with variations in between. Princess Kate wore simple, tasteful bishop sleeves in lace for her 2011 wedding to Prince William. We are still seeing volume, but less turkey leg and more fairy-tale.

If you are still in love with the lace sleeves of 2020 (and why wouldn’t you be?) but are on the lookout for a twist- ask to see some wedding gowns with bishop sleeves. WIth bishop sleeves, your dress will be a show stopper.

And the best part? This look is great on every body type.


For the bride who loves to make a statement, capes and capelets are one of our favorite ways to do it in 2021.

A cape adds a shot of drama to your wedding look, or if you are in need of something a bit more modest or warm, a cape offers coverage for when the weather is cooler. Bridal capes range from light and airy to dramatic and alluring.

This style is presumably inspired by the many brides who have had to move their wedding date, and ended up in a different season- thus, the need for a covering.

If you are a bride with a mind for minimalism, try a sheer silk or tulle cape in lengths from fingertip to train to enhance your look. For the more lavishly dramatic bride, you will love capes in daring colors, with bold embellishments like beads or prints, and elaborate lengths.

Square neckline

A square neckline is, as the name suggests, square at the bust. This neckline is perfect for a bride that wants a modern, edgy look for their wedding day.

This neckline highlights the decolletage, so a square neckline looks great on brides with either large or small busts, as the neckline can offer coverage if needed, and an enhancement if wanted. You may want the neckline cut wider to show off more shoulder, or lower for more edge.

Square necklines of the past were only seen with a thick tank-style strap, but modern bridal gowns with square necklines feature the tank-style, as well as lace, long, or sheer sleeves.

Square neckline dresses look particularly elegant made from fabrics like crepe or silk for structure.

Slip dresses

If you have noticed anything about these wedding dress trends for 2021 this far, it would be a return to styles popular in the ‘90s, and slip dresses are no exception. Slip dresses might prompt childhood memories, but in fact, they are no-fuss, elegant, and timeless.

Perfect for the minimalist bride, slip dresses will hug your figure. They are perfect for any wedding style or venue, even destination weddings. From simple silk with tiny spaghetti straps to satin chic or embellished gowns, you can find something you love in a slip dress.

A perfect addition to a simple slip dress is detachable sleeves or an elaborate topper.

Slip dresses look great on anyone.

Ultra-low back

Dresses with an ultra-low back or backless dresses are for the bride who loves feeling sexy but wants to make a statement at the same time.

Sophisticated and glamorous, backless wedding dresses are a great way to wear a timeless gown but also show some skin. Backless gowns are found in most fabrics and are wonderfully offset with a high neckline. You may choose to leave your bare back as the statement and choose an otherwise simple dress, but you will also have the option of trying gowns with lots of embellishments like beading, lace, embroidery, and sparkles.

Whatever type of dress you choose, a backless gown will leave your wedding guests stunned and unable to take their eyes off of you.


Sparkles have been synonymous with weddings for the last few years, but 2021 sees sparkles as less in your face with more of a subtle turn.

You can choose to have an all-over sparkle with beads or sequins stitched intermittently on your gown or opt for the soft shine of pearls. Subtle shimmer and outright sparkles have been seen on everything from minimalistic wedding gowns to glamorous bridal gowns.

A sparkly gown should be the centerpiece of your wedding outfit, so keep your accessories simple.

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