Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Congratulations! You just got engaged… but now what? Wedding planning can be so stressful and confusing. As a bride, you want your wedding day to be perfect and resemble the fantasy wedding you have planned in your head for so long.

As a new bride, you may have no clue what steps to start taking to make your dreams a reality. Send your worries away because we have the ultimate plan to stay on track for your wedding day.

9-12+ Months Before

  • Begin building your wedding folder. The best way to start your wedding planning is to turn those creative pieces of a puzzle going through your head into something tangible. Plotting, organizing, and bringing to life all the must have parts to make your wedding spectacular.
  • Decide on a budget that works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to budget your wedding. Take this time to decide what is most important to you on your special day and work through prices until you are comfortable enough crunching those numbers.
  • Create the perfect wedding party. This step of wedding planning is so memorable and fun for everyone involved. It is now time to choose your most favorite people to stand at your side on the most important day of your life.
  • Hire your wedding planner and vendor. Allow professionals to take on the unnecessary stress that wedding planning brings. They may have tips and tricks that you had not even thought of to make everything move with fluidity.
  • Reserve your date and venue. Take this time to research and visit multiple different venues to find the place that gives you butterflies. Once you have found your dream venue, find a date that works best for you.
  • Book your officiant. Who will be the person standing between the happy couple? Find the best person to help you tie the knot.

8 Months Before

  • Hire your photographer and/or videographer. These pictures will be worth a lifetime of happiness. You want a photographer who can capture the smallest moments to turn them into unforgettable memories.
  • Book your band or DJ. If you want your dance floor to be the most epic part of your wedding, you better start hunting for the most outstanding music.
  • Meet with preferred caterers. You get to choose what everyone will enjoy as the meal at your wedding. Try many different dinners until you find the one that gives you a “wow” factor.
  • Purchase your dress. Arguably one of the most stressful yet exciting parts about becoming a new bride. Shopping and trying on gorgeous gowns should calm your nerves enough to make anyone feel on track for their special day.
  • Start your wedding registry. You and your spouse get to decide what you want to use together for years to come. Make this step a fun date idea to get each other ecstatic about the life ahead.

6-7 Months Before

  • Book your invitation designer. Your invitation designer should be an important part of the wedding process. Although this may seem like a miniscule step, what you send in the mail is the first thing your guests will see and will set the tone for your entire day.
  • Begin honeymoon research. Where are you and your spouse going to celebrate once the crazy day is over? Start planning now so you can enjoy a wonderful time as the newlyweds.
  • Shop for bridesmaid dresses. Now that you have solidified your wedding party, it is time to choose what the will wear. This step could be tricky as it will take time to find dresses that everyone feels comfortable in and complement you at the end of the day.
  • Send out your save-the-dates. Time to make this announcement official. Save-the-dates are the very first thing all your guests will see upon attending your wedding, make sure they are fabulous.
  • Book your florist. Your dream bouquet can be made into reality with the proper florist. Take time to research all florists and find the one who will work best with you.

4-5 Months Before

  • Schedule your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Consider thinking about where your rehearsal dinner will take place and who you expect to see there. This step needs to be done in advance to give those involved a proper “heads up”.
  • Meet with your baker. It’s officially cake time! Find a baker that has the ability to bring your dream cake to life.
  • Start planning hair and makeup essentials. Hair and makeup artists tend to get busy around specific times of the year. Book them as soon as you can and include all members of the bridal party who want to experience these luxuries with you.

3 Months Before

  • Finalize menu and flowers. You have decided on your florist and the meal you want to enjoy, make it final.
  • Order wedding favors. What do you want your guests to take home to remember this day as long as you will? Find the perfect way to say “thank you” to everyone who attended.
  • Purchase rings. There’s more ring shopping to do! Find the perfect complementary piece for your ring stack and your spouse.

2 Months Before

  • Check in with all vendors. Only two months to go. Check in with all your vendors to make sure all the moving parts are working smoothly and just the way you imagined.
  • Send out your invitations. At the eight-week mark, send out those invitations to all your dream guests.

1 Month Before

  • Take record of your RSVPs. Make lists upon lists of who is attending the wedding. This part of the process can definitely get exhausting, but an organized bride is a less stressed bride!
  • Get your marriage license. Make this marriage legit and remember to get your license.
  • Have your last dress fitting. Does your dream dress fit like a glove? Then pat yourself on the back because this is your last dress fitting. Hide it somewhere safe!
  • Create your seating arrangements. Decide what arrangement will work best for everyone involved.

1 Week Before.

  • Confirm arrival times with vendors. You are in the home stretch! Everything is finalized and exactly what you imagined it to be. Decide on the order and times you want all the pieces of your wedding to arrive.
  • Send an itinerary timeline to the bridal party. Be a girl boss and leave no questions for your bridal party. Create a specific and organized timeline of when and where you want them at all times throughout this week.
  • Enjoy your special day! You did it, the day has come. Relax and take in what is about to be the best wedding ever.

Wedding Planning Without the Added Stress

Planning ahead and staying on track is key to a successful wedding. Decide what you want and allow your dreams to become reality. Allow yourself to appreciate the beautiful journey of becoming a bride.

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