10 Things the Bride Usually Forgets on her Wedding Day

10 Things the Bride Usually Forgets on her Wedding Day

When you are wedding planning, it’s so easy to forget about the little things. You have so much to take care of, and some days it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

As necessary as it is for you to know what flowers you want, or how many guests you can expect, there are plenty of other details that need your attention too.

But wedding planning is multi-faceted and there are sure to be details that slip your mind, especially some of the behind-the-scenes details.

The fact is, even the most careful bride can forget something. To avoid potential problems and inconveniences, we’ve put together this list of things that brides usually forget on their wedding day.

Account for these items and your special day should be smooth sailing!

10 Things the Bride Usually Forgets on her Wedding Day

1. Wedding Rings

Your finger probably already has a gorgeous engagement ring around it, but it is essential to remember wedding bands for you and your partner to exchange during your wedding ceremony.

You should order your wedding bands early since most bands need to be customized to fit your finger, and you will want to be sure that they are back in time for the wedding.

2. Post-Wedding Transportation for the Newlyweds

You and your partner will likely have gotten a ride to your wedding venue and reception, and as a result, you may not have vehicle access when the wedding is over.

A wedding checklist item that many brides forget is arranging a ride from the reception to your final destination—hotel, airport, or home.

Adding this will mean that you are not scrambling to find a ride at the end of the wedding!

3. Bustling Your Wedding Dress

Jaya 1When purchasing your wedding gown you have a lot to consider—style, silhouette, material, color, and more. When you find your dream gown, it might have a bustle, which means you will want to bustle it after the ceremony and photos are taken.

You may want to consider bringing a friend with you to one of your gown fittings. The tailor can show you how to bustle it so that you can do it on your wedding day. Since wedding gown bustling can be difficult, you need someone who can quickly perform the task so you can rejoin your guests for the reception.


4. Planning for the Wedding Gown

Trying on and deciding on a dream wedding dress is exciting, and most brides think that paying for the dress means that it comes home that day. Most wedding gowns are specially ordered in your size, which means you should anticipate waiting for the gown to come in.

If you are set on a custom couture gown by Viero Bridal, the gown is being created with your exact measurements, so you will have to wait here as well. Most wedding gowns require alterations and multiple fittings. Alterations will make your wedding gown look like it was made for your body, but this can also be costly.

Make sure you include the cost of alterations in your overall wedding budget, leave enough time for your wedding gown to arrive, and for any subsequent alterations and fittings.

5. Asking Someone to Transport Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding gown is something you spent considerable time and money on so you will want to make sure its whereabouts are accounted for!

After the wedding, you may want to ask one of your bridesmaids, a family member, or close friends to take your dress home. You may want to ask the same person to be responsible for returning a rented tuxedo.

This is especially important if you are leaving for a honeymoon immediately following the wedding. If you are using a wedding planner, they may offer this as a service, so inquire when negotiating the contract.

Otherwise, ensure that you don’t forget to make arrangements for these important items.

6. Accessories

It would help if you gave your wedding accessories some thought since you may require different accessories for multiple wedding events—showers, brunches, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and, not to forget, the main event, your wedding.

Remember to try on your accessories with your wedding gown. You may need to make some adjustments to the length, style, or color, and you won’t know until you see them with your wedding gown.

After everything is chosen, pack them in a designated bag that you will bring with you to wherever it is you are getting dressed for the wedding. It will be one less thing to think about in the hustle and bustle of organizing!

7. Pre-Wedding Food

Forgetting to eat on your wedding day is very common, but it shouldn’t be. When you are creating your wedding checklist, include pre-wedding food.

Since your wedding day will be fast-paced and hectic, eat a good breakfast before starting the day. You may want to provide some snacks and plenty of water while you are doing hair and makeup. Grazing foods ensure that everyone has an opportunity to eat but remains a part of the getting ready process.

Ordering a few charcuterie boards, fruit and vegetable trays, and some baked goods to have on hand will help avoid sending someone to a drive-thru to pick up fast food at the last minute, or even worse, not eating at all.

8. Marriage License

A marriage license is something that can easily slip your mind, especially when you have focused so much on arranging everything else. However, your wedding won’t be official without it.

The first step is to research how long it takes to obtain a marriage license in your state. Some states require that you have the license for weeks before your wedding, while others simply need it for one day. It is crucial to know the local or state laws for getting married because your marriage may not be legal without it.

9. Arranging Hotels

It is always appreciated by out-of-town guests when you arrange for a block of hotel rooms to be set aside. Typically, wedding guests will receive a special rate for booking. If you have many out-of-town guests, you may want to inquire at different hotels with various price points to suit everyone.

As an added touch, creating welcome bags for your out-of-town guests is a thoughtful surprise. Pick up some specialties local to the area, like cheeses, treats, and self-care items, along with a map of the area with instructions for transportation, restaurants, and local attractions.

Throw in some snacks and children’s items (if appropriate), and your guests will be thrilled.

10. Asking Someone to Care for the Personal Items

You will likely have gifts, wedding decor, and other items that need to be transported to safety. Choose a reliable person to remove these items when the wedding ends so you are not worried about anything left behind.

You will be exhausted at the end of the day, and the last thing you want to do is gather up wedding decor, gifts, and personal items in your wedding gown.

Let Viero Bridal Make Things Easier

When you take a step back and look at the big picture, it becomes clear that there are just two kinds of wedding details: things you can’t forget and things you will probably forget.

GoldyThe more time you spend worrying about the larger details, the more likely you are to miss the smaller ones.

Viero Bridal knows how crucial even the most minor details of your wedding are, which is why we make the dress buying experience as easy as possible.

Visit one of our flagship wedding dress boutiques in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles to see our collection of couture gowns.

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, consider building the dress of your dreams with our custom dress option.

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Most Popular Wedding Colors of 2021 and How to Incorporate Them

Most Popular Wedding Colors of 2021 and How to Incorporate Them

Choosing your colors is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when wedding planning. Your wedding colors can determine your decor, flowers, attire, and even your invitations. Your wedding color palette can effectively change the atmosphere of your wedding day, so it is important to consider the colors you choose carefully.

Newly engaged couples often feel anxious to get a jump on the planning process. Naturally, selecting the color palette can solidify your plans and help you make decisions about vendors later on.

If you are looking for inspiration or don’t even know where to start, we are here to give you the lowdown on 2021’s trendiest colors and how to incorporate them into your wedding.

Most Popular Wedding Colors of 2021

Golden Yellow

Do you want to make an impact? Select golden yellow for your wedding palette. Perfect for a luxurious and sumptuous wedding, this warm yellow is reminiscent of summer sunsets or European settings like the south of France or Tuscany.

Golden yellow works well for a wedding in any season, as it can be used with rich colors in the winter and on its own in spring, summer, or fall for maximum impact.

Use golden yellow as the star or an accent in your wedding bouquet, with flowers such as roses, dahlias, sunflowers, and ranunculus. Golden yellow pairs beautifully with every color under the sun, so it is easy to incorporate and give your wedding some warmth and individuality.

Light Blue

Blue has long held its place in weddings; however, in 2021, weddings are moving away from darker shades like navy or steel blue and leaning toward lighter shades like cornflower, powder blue, and periwinkle. You can still use navy, which makes a lovely dark contrast, as an accent color, but light blue is what’s hot for this year’s weddings.

The best part about this hue? Light blue can be used regardless of the theme or venue of your wedding. Envision a rustic barn, a lakeside afternoon, or even a stately ballroom for your event. Light blue fits beautifully in each setting.

If you want light blue to stand out at your wedding, it can be used on its own, either as an accessory or incorporated into your flowers, like irises, hydrangeas, and orchids. Pair it with yellow for a lovely spring or summer hue, or add some pinks and purples for a little fun.

Light Purple

Lilac and lavender are two wedding colors that we are eyeing for 2021 weddings. Light and airy, these colors are perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding, brunch nuptials, or a venue with lots of natural light that will allow the true hues to shine.

Use the namesake flowers of lavender and lilac, along with delphiniums, pale purple roses, sedum, zinnias, and calla lilies, to make a whimsical bouquet. Add some stems of deep or bright purple to make the bouquet really stand out.

Lilac and lavender are beautiful colors for bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories, grooms wear, and decor—offering a more sophisticated vibe than the favorite from the last few seasons, blush pink.


Greens of many colors pop up in wedding palettes for 2021, but instead of sophisticated, deep jewel-toned green, the favorites are brighter and more playful.

Anything from avocado green, mint, leaf, and even sage are showing up, and why not? Green pairs perfectly with so many other colors, so it is easy to use it as your wedding’s main color and throw flowers of one or two different colors to create a breathtaking bouquet of (mostly) greenery.

Green works in any venue and is lovely in any season. You can use olive, pistachio, or moss green for a bohemian look, while Kelly green or any other brighter shade complements a fun wedding aesthetic.


Bohemian or rustic weddings are still the rage, and that means that orange has had a comeback. However, orange can be used in a variety of ways to make your wedding palette pop.

While burnt orange or rust are great colors, the new trends are moving to cantaloupe or papaya orange. This color looks great with mint, lime, turquoise, or watermelon pink and will give your wedding a happy vibe.

An orange-themed wedding is vibrant and youthful and would be great for a beach wedding, a sunset cruise, or other summer events. Orange flowers are plentiful, and you may choose from stems like roses, tulips, and dahlias, and you and your florist may even decide to add some kumquats to your bouquet.


We know some brides will be unhappy with all of the bright colors gracing the weddings of 2021, but fear not— neutrals are ultra-trendy, too!

Choose from taupe, nude, gray, ivory, buff, beige, and cream to decorate, dress and design your wedding.

These colors pair with anything and will suit virtually any venue, so if you have an elegant ballroom reception, neutrals can enhance the sophistication of your event. On the other hand, neutrals are eye catching in an outdoor setting as well.

Suit your wedding party in neutral shades, and use neutrals in your decor and floral arrangements to keep with the monochromatic look.

Throwback to the ’90s Wedding Palette

While not necessarily one color, we couldn’t resist including the fun and unique wedding palette of the 1990s.

Fashion trends seem to come full circle, and we are seeing a similar cycle when it comes to weddings. A nod to the 1990s wild and exciting wedding colors is being featured in the most fashion-forward weddings of the year. Think of colors like fuchsia, teal, purple, royal blue, cherry red, and yellow.

The fun part is that most people will not have seen a wedding palette quite like this, and it is the perfect way to break free from boredom and the expected.

This trend is not about monochrome—use a few colors to create a fun palette reminiscent of that decade. You might be thinking it is a bit flashy for a wedding, but consider a fun neon sign with your new name adorning your wedding venue. Or, perhaps you would rather decorate with an array of flowers in bright colors.

As for bridesmaids’ attire, a neutral dress with a pop of bright color is great if you want to keep things on the subtler side. However, bridesmaid gowns in shocking colors will be unexpected and lively!

These colors can be used in any season and venue but fit perfectly at a wedding in a chic restaurant, event space, or hotel.

Your Wedding Day

When you decide on a wedding theme, it can help to draw inspiration from other places, like your wedding gown.

As the bride, your wedding colors should enhance your bridal gown rather than detract from it. For instance, if your wedding gown style is simple and chic, try using greens to create lush and lavish floral arrangements and decor. A fun and playful wedding gown calls for your choice of bright color trends.

Viero Bridal offers a fantastic collection of designer dresses and couture wedding dresses. Our flagship locations are among the best bridal shops in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Book an appointment today, or contact Viero Bridal to discuss the wedding dress of your dreams.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Undergarments for Your Wedding

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Undergarments for Your Wedding

Once you have decided on your wedding gown, a few items are left to complete on your wedding day garment and accessory checklist. One of those items is choosing your bridal undergarments. This part of the checklist can be confusing, especially with the many different types of undergarments available.

As a bride, your wish is to look incredible on your wedding day, and, combined with a desire to be comfortable, you need to make sure your undergarments are supportive, invisible through your gown, and okay to wear all day long.

In this guide, we explore how the right undergarments are among the most crucial parts of your wedding attire and how to choose what is right for you.

Why Good Undergarments are Important

Wearing uncomfortable or unflattering undergarments on your wedding day can leave you with unsightly lines and discomfort.

A wedding gown is an investment and you will want to ensure you aren’t destroying the overall look of your dress with underwear lines or visible bra straps.

Often, one of the most expensive parts of your wedding budget is the photographer, and the wrong undergarments can ruin your wedding photos.

With the time and money you’ve spent making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, the last thing you want is to have your day ruined by the wrong undergarments.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Undergarments for Your Wedding

Here are the top five things to keep in mind when you are looking for your wedding undergarments:

1. Think of Your Gown

Audrey 1Consider your wedding gown style when you are shopping for wedding undergarments. If your wedding gown is strapless, it only makes sense to look for a strapless bra or some other type of supportive undergarment.

Different necklines and silhouettes call for different types of wedding undergarments. You can wear any lingerie with A-line or princess-style dresses while keeping the strap type in mind.

Carina_2A sheath-style wedding dress might merit some shapewear to smooth any bulges and ensure no visible underwear lines. Similarly, mermaid or trumpet-style dresses are designed to show off your figure, so some shapewear would work well so that you are avoiding visible lines and creating the proper proportions.

A backless gown calls for an adhesive bra or one that is convertible. You can choose a bustier or corset bra for a ballgown-style wedding dress, but any underwear style will work because of the skirt’s volume.

2. Consider Your Body Type

Pay attention to your body type when shopping for wedding lingerie. It is essential that you look and feel your best so you will want wedding lingerie that flatters your body type.

If you have an apple-shaped body, you might want to choose a higher-cut pair of panties and a full-coverage bra. A woman with a pear-shaped body may wish to purchase panties with a wider waistband that does not dig into the skin or create visible lines. If you have an hourglass figure, opt for shapewear that enhances your curves.

3. Choose the Right Color

Hera_2As tempting as it may be to choose a colorful lingerie set, save it for the wedding night. Your undergown undergarments should be complementary to your wedding gown.

If your gown is made of thick fabric, you can more than likely wear any color you wish (but make sure you have someone check for visibility!)

White undergarments can cast a harsh contrast under your wedding gown, so keep that in mind if white is calling to you.

A good rule of thumb: nude or skin tone will look good and ensure that your wedding gown, and not your undergarment, is the star of the show.

4. Remember Comfort

Blanche_3Comfort should be one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting wedding undergarments.

You will be wearing your wedding garments from early in the morning until probably late at night, so try to find something that checks boxes for both comfort and attractiveness.

You may want to move around in your wedding gown, lift your arms and bend over to see what your undergarments look like when you are dancing, hugging, or moving in general.

5. Bring the Undergarments to Your Dress Fittings

Bring your wedding undergarments to your wedding gown fittings to ensure that your lingerie does not show with alterations. Some wedding gowns feature bodices and built-in shapewear. A premium wedding gown with cups or boning can sometimes allow you to skip undergarment purchases. If your dress does have a bodice, cups, or built-in shapewear, a few alterations might make it possible to forgo a bra or shapewear.

Some wedding boutiques carry lingerie that fits with the style of dress you have chosen. Inquire with your wedding dress boutique to see if they have any appropriate undergarments for your wedding gown.

Choose Viero Bridal

Viero Bridal designs gowns with fit and structure in mind so that your dream dress fits you like a glove.

Offering some of the best couture wedding gowns in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, our designers bring quality and expertise to everything they do. Visit one of these flagship locations or browse our collections online to find the perfect dress.

If you don’t find something that matches your vision, we can work with you to create a custom design and fit!

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How to Match Your Groom’s Attire to Your Dress and Wedding Style

How to Match Your Groom’s Attire to Your Dress and Wedding Style

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. You plan the perfect theme, choose your colors, pick flowers, decide on the venue, and most importantly, you find the right wedding gown. You’ve got all of the details in place so now, it is time to think about the groom’s attire!

Dressing your groom can be difficult. You want the groom’s attire to complement your wedding gown and match your wedding style, and at the same time, you want it to showcase their personality. As all eyes will be on both of you on your wedding day, you will want to look your best and make sure you both make a splash!

Follow our suggestions for choosing your groom’s attire so you both will be the fashion highlight of your wedding day!

The Suit Should Match the Formality of the Wedding Style

The most fundamental rule for matching your groom’s attire to your wedding gown is that it should match the wedding’s venue, season, and style.

More than likely, you carefully choose your wedding gown to match these elements and your groom should be no different.

If you are marrying in the summer, a wool suit will probably be inappropriate. Similarly, you should avoid a black-tie tuxedo if you are having a casual brunch wedding.

For a daytime wedding or a beach, lakeside, barn, field or backyard setting, a lighter colored suit made from cotton or linen is an excellent option for your groom.

For an evening wedding with a ballroom, hotel, or another luxurious setting, charcoal, navy blue or black tuxedo, or crisply-tailored suit will be fabulous.

Coordinate With the Bride

The best opportunity to show your collective style as a couple is on your wedding day. If the bride is wearing a pair of royal blue pumps, perhaps the groom could sport a royal blue tie, for example. Conversely, if the bride is wearing a poufy, bejeweled gown, it might look strange for the groom to wear a seersucker suit when a black suit or tuxedo would be more appropriate for the bride’s style.

Other excellent matching looks:

  • A sheath-style silk wedding gown with a slim-cut gray suit
  • A bohemian lace gown with a tan suit and cowboy boots
  • A tea-length A-line dress with a fitted suit and skinny tie
  • A 1920s flapper-style gown with a classic black tuxedo

The Groom’s Attendants Should Match the Groom

It is traditional for the groom’s attendants to match the attire of the groom, sometimes with color tweaks or slight variations.

You may not want the groom’s attendants to dress alike, or even be an exact match to the groom, but the style of their outfits should match with both the bride and groom. One option is to put the groom and the attendants in the same suit and color with different colored ties.

Additionally, you should include the bridesmaids in this matching act. If the bridesmaids are wearing different colored gowns of, for example, muted autumn shades, the groom’s attendants could wear a tie or boutonniere of the same shade to match.

A Perfect Fit

A groom in a well-tailored and well-fitting suit is the most flattering. Not only will the groom feel great, but they will be comfortable, too.

To create a more lithe silhouette, try a fitted suit that comes in at the waist. If appropriate for your venue and wedding style, a darker color suit will be more flattering than a lighter color. A tall and slim groom will look great in most suits, but it is essential to have the suit tailored to ensure that the fit is perfect and the pants are long enough.

Remember, you both should be able to move your arms well—you will be hugging, dancing, and moving around a lot.

Even if you are renting a suit or tuxedo, most stores will tailor the suit to fit the groom’s body type. Not only should the suit fit well through the abdomen and chest, but it is important that the arms are long enough, and that the jacket is also long enough at the back. A good tailor will ensure that the pants size fits well when standing and sitting down and that they are not too long or too short when standing or sitting.

Use Your Accessories

Your accessories will set your wedding party apart and showcase your uniqueness!

Many grooms and their attendants use their accessories to let their personality shine through on a day that is typically about the bride’s fashion. You can use a unique bowtie, or add a vest, and even customize the boutonniere to fit the style of the wedding and to show your guests how one of a kind groom and groom’s attendants really are!

The groom may even want to wear unique cufflinks—and something special to the groom or the attendants could be used as a special gift from the bride and groom. For instance, if they share a love of sports, cufflinks representing their favorite team would be a thoughtful way to let them wear something fun on a day that is traditionally more stuffy than they’re used to.

When you plan your wedding, keep in mind that both the bride and groom will need appropriate wedding attire. Choosing a wedding gown first can help you decide what attire the groom will wear. Viero Bridal has the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. By visiting one of these flagship locations, you are sure to find the perfect couture wedding gown for your big day!

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, work with our designers to create the custom dress of your dreams.

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Wedding Dress Styles for Summer 2021

Wedding Dress Styles for Summer 2021

Wedding dress styles change like the seasons. Silhouettes, lengths, sleeves, and even colors vary season to season and year to year. A few classic styles have withstood the test of time, but altogether, the wedding dress forecast for the summer of 2021 looks unique and promising.

daniela collectionIf you are newly engaged or had to postpone a wedding due to the pandemic, use this opportunity to snag a gorgeous wedding gown for your 2021 nuptials. As in 2020, bridal styles show us that there are no longer rules for bridal fashion. No rules means you can wear whatever wedding gown you want, and we are loving it.

Whether you are a lover of traditional styles or prefer something more show-stopping, your personality should shine through in the wedding gown you choose. To give you a little help along the way, we have curated a list of our favorite wedding dress trends for the summer of 2021.

The Roaring ‘20s

After World War I and the Spanish Flu pandemic, the 1920s emerged as a time of exuberance, lavishness, and prosperity. The fashions were no different. 2021 sees a renaissance of 1920s fashions; we see drop waists and sheaths and over-the-top (in a good way!) pearls and crystals. Consider it 2021’s Gatsby moment for luxury in our—eventual—emergence from under the pandemic.

After staying in and working from home and with even the most glamorous fashion lines producing loungewear, people miss the extravagance of parties, and your wedding might be your coming out moment!

For the bride who finds this type of lavishness garish but loves a singular element, rest assured, there is something for you. The summer of 2021 will see the Flapper-style trend in more muted and demure styles.

The best part—if your heart is set on a different style all together, you can choose the ‘20s style for a rehearsal dinner or your bridesmaids, and 1920s-inspired accessories, jewelry, and hairstyles are very of the moment.


AnfisaWe saw different prints last year in wedding fashion, but the summer of 2021 has moved beyond muted botanicals to cheery and playful patterns.

All-over graphic florals, vintage-inspired, and even wedding gowns covered in cats have graced the runways at Bridal Fashion Week.

If you love to make an entrance or have a fun, creative side, this trend is for you. Of course, oversized prints are not for every bride or every venue, for that matter. If you love this idea, at a minimum, try this trend for your wedding shower, bachelorette party, or just the ceremony portion of your wedding day.


Possibly prompted by Princess Diana’s appearance in The Crown’s last installment, capes will make a comeback in the summer of 2021.

Wedding dresses have been in many collections with some material draped from the shoulders. Some look more like a train made from ribbons or an elegant and ethereal superhero’s cape. Whatever you want to call it, we have seen many instances of material gathered at the shoulders.

Capes are versatile and range in length from cathedral to cropped. They are also embellished with jewels and lace and embroidered with colored blooms or drape elegantly in sheer tulle.

Capes compliment any bridal gown, so if you love the trend, you can add one of the many styles of capes to your wedding day attire.

Less is More

luisiana_2Wedding dresses appearing grandiose without any extra accouterments are among the standout styles for the summer of 2021.

Designers moved away from extra lace, beading, and traditional dramatics to clean lines, architectural elements, and impeccable cuts. It is all about showing fine tailoring.

These dresses look great on any bride and are an excellent option for a bride who wants to make a statement but does not like the extra fuss of beading, jewels, or embroidery.

Bare Backs

Elodie_2Bareback wedding dresses have been a bridal favorite for a few seasons, evolving ever so slightly each season.

This season’s incarnation is surprisingly modest, with full frontal coverage. Many long-sleeved frocks surprised viewers with a bareback when the bride turned around.

If you love the bareback style, it has been seen in every iteration—Sleeveless, long-sleeved, spaghetti-strapped, and even in a heavily-boned corset style. There is one for every venue and style under the sun.

Puffed Sleeves

Jackelyn_2As fashion’s obsession with decade-inspired revivals continues, one of the 80s finest is making a comeback.

Puffed sleeves and bold shoulders are some of the hottest trends for the summer of 2021 wedding fashion. Bishop sleeves, shoulder pads, blouson sleeves, and more add drama and flair to otherwise simple wedding gowns.

If you love the look of a bold sleeve but can’t commit, there are detachable options.


CassablancaWedding gowns for the summer of 2021 have certain practicality to them, and the layered dress is no exception.

Brides are considering wearing their gowns for more than one occasion and embracing dresses with more than one purpose. You can wear an extravagant-looking long skirt for your ceremony which can be removed later for the reception. Or perhaps you would love a built-in style train that can be removed for the dance.

Layered add ons vary from knitwear, puffy overskirts, and gown toppers. The choice is yours.

Honorable mentions go to subtle sparkle gowns, bohemian dresses, mini dresses, lots of ruffles, and gowns with giant bows.

Viero Bridal

When you are ready to choose your wedding gown for your summer 2021 wedding, visit Viero Bridal.

Are you visiting Nevada? Our affordable designer gowns make Viero Bridal one of the best bridal shops Las Vegas has to offer.

In addition to our Las Vegas boutique, you can meet with one of our bridal consultants at our wedding dress boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to choose one of the beautiful gowns from our collections. If you have a vision of your dream bridal gown, you can design your couture gown with us to your unique specifications.

Custom Made: Get the Dress of Your Dreams

Custom Made: Get the Dress of Your Dreams

Have you ever considered designing your wedding dress? There are many reasons to love couture gowns. A custom-made gown will fit your body perfectly and no one else will have the same dress.

Discerning brides have an idea of what they want in a wedding gown, but the perfect picture in your head can mean disappointment and frustration when you start shopping.

If you have a very specific vision and have not been able to find a solution in a bridal salon, a custom-made wedding dress could be just what you need.

Creating a custom wedding dress with a designer is truly a one of a kind experience! And being a part of the process ensures that your dress will be even more special to you on your big day.

Finding the right dress is a critical part of the wedding planning process and it can add stress if what you want, you are unable to find. But sometimes, there is so much to look for in a dress—fit, comfort, movement, fabric, color, and overall style. If a dress does not tick all of those boxes, it can be hard to fall in love with it. With couture gowns, these ‘must-haves’ can become a reality.

You may have some questions before you jump in to making your custom dress. Here is some key information about the process and some reasons why you should consider a custom gown for your wedding!

The Process

When you prepare for your bridal design consultation, keep track of all of your ideas and your style preferences.

Come prepared to answer pertinent questions like what fabrics do I love? What fabrics do I detest? What style is my favorite? What silhouettes are my favorite? Do I like showing cleavage? Am I looking for a modest gown? Be sure to allow yourself time to brainstorm.

Purchase some bridal magazines, and browse Pinterest. Make sure to save pictures and examples of your favorite styles and bring them to meet your design stylist.

Finding the Fit

MiaA good designer knows how to accentuate your distinctive figure. They also consider this when customizing your gown so it will fit you perfectly. A couture dress means that you are not purchasing a dress off the rack and forcing it to work for you; instead, your designer creates a dress to suit your body.

A fashionable dress doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Your custom dress will be comfortable throughout the day. There will be no adjusting of straps or taking in or letting out on your wedding day. Your dress will be comfortable from photos to dancing to saying goodnight.

The Perfect Style

NikaWhen you sit down to begin your design process, you are putting your style on paper. Your designer will translate any dream you had—whether inspired by something you saw in a magazine, on Pinterest, or just a vision that you have in your mind.

Your designer will take your ideas and create a wedding dress that matches your taste and ideas. They will ask you about your desired wedding gown: whether you want a slim silhouette, silky fabric, open back, short sleeves, a longer train, deeper neckline, or a unique length.

You will be in charge of the creative process. The designer will create your sketch, present you with fabrics, and arrange for fittings so that your dress fits just right!

Individual Preferences

You are a unique individual, and your wedding dress should be every bit as unique. Your style and silhouette will influence your vision for your perfect wedding dress.

Your bridal gown designer will give you hints for fabrics that will work best with the gown style you are proposing. It is essential to listen to these hints and tricks because these bridal gown designers have created gowns many times and they recognize what looks best on different body types. Your designer will also have a good idea of dress trends and what is being created and designed for other brides, helping you determine what your dress should look like to make you a real stand out.

Custom gowns are a fabulous way to express your individuality and personality but it is important to keep an open mind during the design process. Your designer may have suggestions that get you even closer to your dream dress.

Consider Timing

When you shop from available styles at a wedding dress boutique, you will need to order your dress 9-12 months in advance or risk paying a hefty rush fee, and there is still no guarantee that you will receive the dress in time. This is the last thing you need when planning a wedding.

If planning a couture gown, you should be aware of the design timeline.

VeredianaAt VIERO Bridal, your design timeline looks like this:

  • a 5-6 month process, overall
  • 4-6 weeks to finalize your dress design
  • about 16 weeks for our team to handcraft every detail

Once your dress is ready, you can receive it at one of our boutiques in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas.

For your convenience, we can also have it shipped directly to you. Your custom gown should fit like a glove. If you need any slight adjustments, visit one of the boutiques mentioned above, and we will alter your dress to perfection. If you can’t make it to a VIERO boutique, we will help you through the alteration process.

VIERO Bridal

Luchiya 1Now that you have chosen to create the dress of your dreams with a custom wedding gown, sit back and relax and let your dress take shape.

VIERO Bridal has experienced design consultants that will see your dress through from your initial ideas to your walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Our couture wedding gowns are available in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. But if you aren’t in one of those cities, contact us to see how we can help!

The Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

The Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

You have found the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with, and now you need to find the perfect dress for one of the most important days of your life so far!

But where do you even begin? If you are like many brides, you may have heard about different wedding dress styles but the exact silhouette remains a mystery.

Wedding fashions have evolved dramatically over the years but a few silhouettes have remained timeless. To look and feel your best at the wedding, it is important to understand these dress styles and determine what will both fit your vision and flatter your shape.

During your gown shopping appointment at the bridal boutique, your consultant will ask you what type or style of dress you are looking for. You may already have an idea but if you cannot properly describe the style, it might be difficult to find. If you do not make an effort in advance of your appointment, it is possible that you will feel overwhelmed and unable to clarify or make a decision!

The best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and other major cities will have a wide range of options, chosen for you by knowledgeable consultants. Even in smaller cities that may have fewer options in-store, knowing and understanding the dress style you are after can help the consultant narrow down the dress options on hand, order the dress, or even help you work towards plans for a couture wedding gown.

The more you know about dress styles, the more you can contribute to this process!

To that end, we’ve put together this handy wedding dress style guide!

Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

A-Line Gown

An A-line gown is named for the look of the skirt. It is fitted at the waist and flares from the natural waistline of the bodice toward the hem of the gown. The dress gives the appearance of an uppercase A.

The A-Line gown can be paired with any type of neckline and can fit in with any wedding venue or style. From an intimate backyard to an elegant ballroom, from boho to formal, the A-line is the perfect fit.

An A-Line wedding dress can be made in any type of fabric, so if you have your eye on a certain type of fabric, chances are you will be able to find an A-line gown made from it. Most A-Line gowns sweep the floor, but some tea-length dresses feature an A-line skirt.

This style of gown is ideal for any body type, especially for brides with a larger bust.


This wedding gown style is voluminous and is classically bridal. Imagine your very own Cinderella-at-the-ball moment.

HelenThe skirting on a ballgown style wedding dress is a much larger silhouette than the bodice and is usually achieved by layers of tulle or a crinoline. The dresses are made from fabrics like taffeta, satin, silk, and tulle. The bodice on a ballgown is typically fitted and generally understated so that the full volume skirt is the star of the show. You may see plain, beaded, or lace bodices and varying necklines.

Ballgown wedding dresses can be worn for any style of wedding and can look playful and flirty or elegant and timeless in photos.

This style is great on any body type but works particularly well for brides that need extra support in the bust. The fitted bodice and flowing skirt are great for accentuating curves. This style of wedding gown is romantic and dramatic; perfect for a bride that loves to make a statement.


A mermaid-style wedding gown is one of the most sophisticated and sexy silhouettes available to today’s bride.

This style of gown is very fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, all the way through to the knee (or lower) where it dramatically flares out in stunning style to create a mermaid “tail.” The mermaid gown is one of the most curve-hugging dresses and will either show off your curves or create curves just where you want them most.

The mermaid works perfectly with any neckline, and sleeves may be added. Although a mermaid wedding dress can be modernized, a mermaid style dress works really well for classic weddings with a few additions like lace or other adornments.

These wedding gowns may be made with lace, organza, or any other material you choose. They can be elaborately adorned with beading and pearls, or designed more simply while still creating a stunning look for your wedding day. A mermaid style can make it difficult to walk so they may be more suited to an indoor wedding with level floors.

This style works with any body type, but keep in mind that it is particularly restrictive due to the fitted bodice.


Trumpet style wedding gowns, similar to the mermaid style, are fitted through to the mid-thigh.

CelineTrumpet style wedding gowns have a more gradual flare than a mermaid style, and this gradual flare may make it easier to walk around. A trumpet style bridal gown is great for a bride who wants to keep a sexy silhouette but also wants to dance and move freely.

A trumpet bridal gown is a great option for an outdoor wedding or venue like a barn. As with the mermaid gown, any fabric can be used to create this style and embellishments can be added to make your dress vision come to life.

This style is perfect for anybody.

Fit and flare

This style is similar to the trumpet and mermaid.

DeilaThe fit and flare is one of the most universally flattering fits for wedding wear. Fit and flare can sometimes encompass mermaid and trumpet styles, and is characterized by a fitted body and flared hemline starting at the knee.

This dress style can be created in various fabrics, depending upon your wedding theme. You can choose any style of bodice or bust to wear, and incorporate fashion trends like backless gowns, lace details, and other embellishments.

This style of gown is perfect for showing off your curves but looks great on any body type.


The sheath wedding style is simple and elegant.

This style creates a light silhouette from decolletage to ankle, skimming your body without any defined lines or boning. This style is perfect for any style of wedding, and any venue.

The sheath gown is great for a bride that loves beautiful simplicity and understated elegance. You may find various fabrics used in the creation of a sheath dress, from lace overlays to simple silk. Necklines also vary between strapless, strap, off the shoulder, and more.

Sheath dresses are great on brides with curves because the absence of excess fabric creates a svelte line. This style also works well for brides with an athletic or willowy body type.

Shop with Confidence!

It is important to not limit yourself to one particular style of wedding dress. Come in with an idea in mind, if you can, but try to listen to your bridal consultant’s suggestions as well. If you have an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Use the information contained within this post to narrow down your dress ideas and attend your first shopping appointment with confidence!

At Viero Bridal, we have knowledgeable and friendly consultants on hand to help you find the style and silhouette that will make you look incredible on your special day.

Visit a Viero Bridal wedding dress boutique in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles to see our latest designs in person!

Wedding Dress Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Dress Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are growing in popularity, and they are the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials in a natural and unique environment. No longer limited to tea party weddings, outdoor wedding styles vary from ethereal and whimsical to avant-garde and modern, and all points in-between.

Outdoor weddings have changed. The once-standard outdoor ceremony and indoor reception have evolved to couples celebrating the entire wedding outdoors. From getting married on the beach to partying in a vineyard, outdoor weddings provide a beautiful space to celebrate your love with an ideal scenic backdrop for photos.

Once you have decided to celebrate your wedding in the great outdoors, it’s time to dive into the fun part—picking your dress!

Choose a style and theme for your wedding and then check out this list of the best wedding dress ideas to match your outdoor wedding.

Colored gowns

IsabellaFor your outside of the box outdoor wedding, you can further the theme by choosing a colored gown.

Why not match your wedding dress for the season? A beautiful blush dress for a spring wedding would be light and airy, paired with flowers in the same shades of blush, creams, and champagne. A fall wedding may call for a deep, rich color or nude-colored gown. For a summer wedding, modern brides are choosing mint green, baby blue, and emerald green.

Some cultures believe that red symbolizes purity or good luck. Wearing a red dress will guarantee that you stand out against any background, and look great while doing it.

Regardless of the season or the reason, you may choose to wear your favorite color just because. Outdoor weddings are fun and breezy, so why not wear something that makes you feel great?

Short dresses

DaynekShorter dresses are increasing in popularity each year. There are styles for pretty much any bride looking to wear a short gown, ranging from modern and sophisticated to earthy and bohemian (or boho).

Short dresses are great for almost any venue, from afternoon brunch weddings to celebrating in your backyard. They are versatile and perfect for showing off a great set of gams.

If your wedding is going to be celebrated mostly on grass, at the beach, or any organic ground surface, you may want to avoid a dress that is ballroom length. Luckily, there are beautiful wedding gowns of varying lengths for you to explore.

You may opt for a tea-length gown if you are wanting something beautiful with a nod to nostalgia. Tea-length gowns are a little less casual than the traditional shorter length gown, but even the shorter lengths are becoming less casual and more sophisticated and cool.

Bohemian gown

OriA dreamy barnyard wedding or cool lakeside gathering calls for a dreamy boho wedding dress. Of course, any wedding venue can suit a bohemian dress if you style the surroundings to fit the motif.

Bohemian dresses usually have a simple shape but feature unique details like bishop sleeves, lace, and beading. You may choose a form-fitting dress to highlight your silhouette, or wear a sheath or something with an empire waist.

Color-wise, with Bohemian dresses, you will want to stick to neutrals, like ivory and white, nude, or champagne. However, if you prefer a different colored dress, choose what you think is beautiful.

Decorating for a wedding with a boho vibe centers on flower and greenery, with earth tones here and there. The bohemian wedding style is personal to you, and though it is traditionally mason jar bouquets and hay bales, decorating for a bohemian wedding is essentially highlighting the beauty of the outdoors in neutral colors.

Anything goes with boho, as long as it is ethereal.


MagicStrapless wedding dresses are perfect for any type of wedding.

In the heat, strapless wedding dresses will keep you looking elegant and timeless and feeling cool. Strapless dresses will highlight your décolleté, and look lovely with any hairstyle, including an updo—all ways to beat the heat without sacrificing elegance.

Strapless dresses are versatile and as the weather gets cooler, you may wish to add a stole or some other type of shoulder covering.

Backless gown

Elodie_1This style is very on-trend and can be worn in any season, as we have seen backless dresses in both sleeved and sleeveless styles.

Backless gowns are dramatic and sexy. Features can include intricate beadwork, buttons, and exquisite lace.

If you decide on a backless gown for your outdoor wedding, you will want to wear your hair in a style that showcases your back as a feature.

Your own unique style

When choosing your wedding dress, choose what feels right on your body. You will want a dress that makes you look incredible while also helping you feel comfortable while walking down the aisle and dancing the night away.

If you are looking for ideas for your outdoor wedding dress, Viero Bridal has what you need. Whether you are looking for affordable wedding dresses in Chicago or want to visit all of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, we have enough options for even the most discerning bride.

Visit one of our flagship stores in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles, or browse our designs online. Once you find something you like, contact us to book your first appointment.

Wedding Dress Shopping: What to Do and When

Wedding Dress Shopping: What to Do and When

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding! However, shopping for a wedding dress is not like shopping for any other type of clothing. Without proper consideration and strategizing, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the process.

You may be a bride with a clear aesthetic in mfind, or you may be a bride that has no idea where to even start. The struggle is real, and factor in potential COVID-19 delays and it all becomes that much more complicated.

To help demystify the process and ensure that you have enough time to find the style and fit of your dreams, we’ve put together this dress shopping guide.

This guide will cover everything from your very first bridal shop appointment to the final fitting and pick up.

Here is everything you need to be prepared for purchasing your dream dress and having a stress-free wedding day!

1. A year from your wedding date

The first item on your wedding agenda should be setting your budget.

A budget allows you to see how much money you can spend on each item. This means planning out costs associated with your dress, the guest list, meals, entertainment, and venue.  When calculating the dress portion of your budget, do not forget to include or leave room for accessories, shoes, jewelry, taxes, multiple alterations, and shipping costs if needed.

Once you set your budget, you can begin to think about the theme and style of your wedding which will influence your dress choices. For example, if you are planning a boho wedding, a glamorous princess-style gown will look out of place.

While it isn’t necessary to have an exact dress in mind, it is a good idea to have a general idea of what you are looking for. Look at Pinterest, bridal magazines, celebrity weddings, and dress designer websites for inspiration.

When looking for inspiration, try to keep an open mind. Your bridal consultant may have some suggestions that you didn’t expect. Trust their experience and trust the process. At the very least, try on the dress! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Book your appointment

Typically, we recommend booking your appointment 10 to 12 months before your wedding. But, COVID-19 has lead to occasional shipping delays and other obstacles so you might consider booking even earlier.

The last thing you need to stress over is a wedding dress that has yet to arrive, so give yourself plenty of time for shipping and alterations. Call the bridal boutique you are considering to find out what types of delays they have been experiencing.

Unless you fit into the store sample sizes, your dress will be specially ordered for you. Once it arrives at the boutique, which can take anywhere from four to nine months, you will need to book an appointment for alterations. Most bridal salons have an in-house tailor that will help or they will be able to suggest a tailor to you.

A custom-designed wedding gown

Having a custom wedding gown can be a dream come true. But a custom gown requires a very specific vision and a lot of patience.

If you choose a custom design, know that it will take longer to get your gown so do not panic. Trust the designer and you will get the payoff you are looking for.

Choose your entourage

Your shopping companions can either make the shopping experience more enjoyable or add to the stress. Avoid making things more complicated by inviting only friends, family, and bridal party members that are honest but supportive.

Again, COVID-19 might mess with your plans. Call ahead and ask the bridal boutique what safety measures they are taking and whether or not they are limiting the number of people that can attend the appointment.

If numbers are limited to you and one other person, consider inviting the rest of the entourage to join you virtually. Collecting different opinions can be valuable so don’t give up on gathering them just because you can’t meet in person! Depending on the distancing measures in place where you live, consider hosting an outdoor brunch or cocktail party with those that were unable to attend the appointment. There are many ways you can still enjoy and celebrate this experience with your entourage!

2. Eight to ten months from your wedding date

If you haven’t purchased your dress yet, you should be doing so at this time. Once you order the gown, you are responsible for the deposit, which is typically over half the full dress price. If for some reason, you require a rush order, you may have to pay additional rush fees.

Now the waiting period begins. Once the dress arrives, you can make arrangements for alterations to the dress.

Remember, order the size for the body you have. Even if you plan to do lose weight or tone up, your wedding gown should be chosen for the way you look now. Dresses can always be taken in to accommodate moderate weight loss. But, when you order a smaller size, you risk not having a proper fit on your special day. Letting out a dress is much more difficult than taking one in.

3. Five to six months from your wedding date

Now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to wear with your wedding dress.

If you are planning to borrow some jewelry from a friend or family member, start trying these items on. Working your way through these smaller planning tasks will help you feel calm and organized as the day approaches.

Choose your undergarments

You are going to want to wear undergarments that suit the style of dress you have chosen.

Dark colors or patterned embellishments may be visible through the dress and serve a distraction. You will want undergarments that fit comfortably and do not produce visible lines. This is especially important when selecting a bra if needed.

If you are wearing a wedding gown that requires a strapless bra, try a variety and wear them for extended periods. Find one that is most comfortable and flattering. Avoid anything that tends to fold or roll, and anything too tight across your back. Remember, you want to be comfortable when walking down the aisle, eating, visiting, and dancing!

Your wedding dress is a significant investment and your undergarments should not get in the way of your picture-perfect beauty.

Find a pair of shoes

Perhaps you want to add a pop of bright color to your look or rock a pair of sky-high heels. Maybe your style is a little more casual and you’re thinking a kitten heel, wedge, or fancy flat.

Whatever shoe you choose, wear them before your wedding so you know that you won’t be in excruciating pain all day long. If you simply cannot pass for the stylish or cute heel, have a more comfortable pair on hand to slip into after the pictures are taken!

Select your jewelry and hair accessories

Do you want to wear a veil? Does your dress need a jeweled belt? These things should be decided around this time.

Have these items ready to try on with your dress when it arrives at the boutique. If you are not entirely sure what will work with your dress style, have the bridal consultants lend a hand. Most bridal shops have a variety of options on hand to try with your dress.

Once you have determined your hair accessories, you can decide on your other jewelry or vice versa.

Remember to consider the style of your wedding, the neckline of your gown, and the hairstyle you will choose for your wedding when choosing your accessories.

4. Three to four months from your wedding date

At this time, you will want to book your first wedding gown fitting.

For your gown fitting appointments, you will want to ensure that you bring your undergarments and shoes with you. This is important so that the tailor will see what length your gown should be and you can determine if your undergarments are appropriate for your dress choice.

At the first fitting, you may decide that you want to alter the look of your gown. Adding sleeves or changing the neckline are items that are frequently requested by brides at this first fitting.

You will want to find out what your bridal salon charges for alterations, as some may charge for each individual alteration. If you need major alterations, you can expect a hefty price tag due to the delicate nature of the fabrics. Simple alterations (such as a hem alternation) may cost $200-300.

If you have yet to choose your shoes, bring some shoes of similar height you plan to wear so that your gown is hemmed or let out to the correct length.

5. Six weeks to two months from your wedding date

At this point, your wedding is close enough for your second dress fitting.

The second dress fitting is to ensure that your dress fits like a glove. You will want to sit down in your gown, lift your arms over your head, and generally move around to get an idea of how it will move. You want to also look for any pulls, bunching, or areas that do not sit correctly on your body.

It is very important to be honest with your tailor about how you feel in your gown. Remember that you will be performing a variety of different activities during your wedding day. You want to be as comfortable sitting and eating as you are dancing and welcoming your guests.

6.One month before your wedding

Your wedding day will be here before you know it, and following this timeline has left you with only a few final items to cross off your checklist.

Book your final fitting

This fitting is designed for you to see how your gown is going to look on your wedding day. You will not need an entourage for this trip to the tailor, but consider bringing one special person to share the moment with you. It can be a profound experience!

Pick up your dress

Once your fittings are complete, your dress will be ready to be picked up. Store your dress in a safe spot, away from pets, children, and any other dangers, so that there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.

7. The day before your wedding

This is the best day to gather all of the things you will need for your wedding day. Pack a bag with some essentials: deodorant, lipstick or gloss for touch-ups, bobby pins, hair spray, mouthwash, bandages, and kleenex, and on the day, give these items to a trusted friend or your maid of honor for safekeeping.

You will want to gather your jewelry, shoes, and accessories to be brought wherever you are getting dressed.

You may want to borrow or buy a steamer to ensure that your dress is free of wrinkles.

An evolving timeline

Rarely does life go perfectly according to plan and because of this, you need to be a little bit flexible with your timeline. Give yourself as much room as you can!

Using the above guide to create a timeline can help move your preparations forward and help create a smooth wedding planning process.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find your timelines need to be especially flexible. Remember, you are not alone. Whether you are looking for couture wedding gowns in Chicago or visiting all the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, you will find compassionate and supportive consultants that can help you navigate these particularly complicated times. Do not be afraid to call and ask questions or seek clarifications.

At Viero Bridal, we understand how important it is to find the right dress. We have flagship stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York full of stunning designer gowns at affordable prices. View our collections online and when you are ready, reach out to book an appointment. We are standing by and ready to help you find the perfect gown, for your perfect day!

Preparing your Entourage: Who to Bring Dress Shopping

Preparing your Entourage: Who to Bring Dress Shopping

When you are ready to buy your wedding dress, you have a few decisions to make. Beyond making choices around the design and fit of your gown, you will have to decide which wedding dress boutique to visit, when, and who to bring shopping with you! This is the fun part!

Once you have set a dress budget, you can choose where to shop! Do you plan a trip to one of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, do you head to the midwest to look for couture wedding gowns in Chicago, or is your heart set on a particular wedding dress boutique in New York?

Whether you are travelling across the country or just down the street, choosing the right bridal shop could be the difference between finding THE dress or continuing your search.

Once you know where the hunt will begin, you can start to think about who to bring along! The right entourage can make your dress shopping experience something truly unforgettable.

Unfortunately, deciding who to bring with you may be a complicated process. You will need people who will tell you the truth, but also people who positively support you and your vision for your special day.

At Viero Bridal, we get it. That is why we have put together this list of tips and advice to help you choose the best and most supportive entourage possible!

Before you shop, check COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions have added a few extra steps to the dress shopping plans for most brides.

Many states have gathering restrictions in place and this could put a cap on the number of people you are allowed to bring with you to the wedding dress boutique.

Depending on the size of the store, and how many appointments they are booking at this time, you may only be allowed to bring one person with you. For some brides, this is perfect, for others, it is disappointing.

When booking your appointment, ask how many people you are allowed to bring. And because things are changing day to day, call before your appointment to double-check. The last thing you want to do is send people home!

If you are limited to one additional person, there are ways you can involve the rest of your entourage. Use your phone to stream the appointment to your crew through a virtual meeting app. Bring a good ring light and set the stage for a fun bridal appointment!

And remember, you may also need to wear a mask when inside the store. Do not let this discourage you! Find a bridal or wedding inspired mask, or have one made for you. Encourage your entourage to have fun with their masks as well. Get lighthearted about it and decorate masks with sequins, lace overlays, and tassels! Bridal dress shopping is the perfect time to get fancy!

Keep it simple

Your first dress shopping experience should be relaxing, but fun. Keep your entourage choices simple to avoid added stress.

You may want to limit your entourage to just your wedding party, or just a close family member or two. You will best know who your most honest friends and family are.

Ensure that you choose those who will be constructively critical, not nasty. You want to make sure that your entourage will encourage you, but also tell you what does and does not suit your body and personality.

Consider asking a close friend or family member that is not in the wedding party but that you would like to honor in a special way.

And remember, keeping your entourage numbers small means you limit the number of opinions in the room but also increases the chances that your dress choice remains a secret until the big day!

Go alone

This may seem very intimidating, or even odd, but going wedding dress shopping alone can be fulfilling.

Bridal consultants are very knowledgeable about what will look good on you. If you choose a reputable bridal boutique, trust that the bridal consultant that you are assigned to will work to get you into a dress that makes you look stunning, that you are comfortable in, and fits your budget.

If you are unsure and want a second opinion on your wedding dress choice or style, narrow down your options and invite someone to a second appointment to help you decide.

Your mother

Inviting your mother, or someone who has acted as a mother figure, to your wedding gown shopping appointment is a lovely gesture. It may also be something that your mother has imagined since you were born.

More than likely, your mother will have a good idea of what looks great on you, and what styles to avoid. She may also even have some jewelry (your something borrowed or your something old!) in mind that would pair beautifully with your chosen style of gown. She will probably feel honored to be a part of the decision making process.

If you and your mother tend to experience frequent differences of opinion, talk to her before your appointment and set some boundaries and ground rules. Let her know how you are leaning with regards to color, style, and budget so there are no surprises when you arrive at the shop. She may be able to provide some great insights at this time that can help direct your shopping experience. Be open and listen, but be assertive if you need to.

Your wedding party

You know and love your wedding party and all of the characteristics and personalities. But some voices may be louder than others, and some opinions you may value more than others.

Not matter its personality makeup, inviting your wedding party can be helpful in narrowing down your gown choices.

Enlist a member of the bridal party to take photos of you in the various dresses, and another one to serve the bubbly (where it is allowed). As with speaking to your mother about boundaries prior to the appointment, the same applies to any particularly opinionated bridesmaids. If you have a discussion about your vision in advance, you can avoid arguments and hurt feelings.

If you have some that cannot be tamed, consider sending them to look for bridesmaids dress ideas while you are trying on wedding gowns.

Your future in-laws

Inviting your future in-laws to attend your wedding dress shopping appointment may be a great way to break the ice if you don’t know them particularly well, or it can help your partner’s family to feel more involved in the planning process.

Your future mother or sister in law will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the invitation, even if they decide to not come to the appointment.

Inviting the future in-laws may mean that you are the social link between them and the rest of your entourage, so make sure that you introduce everyone so that they all feel comfortable while waiting for you to try on your dresses.

Your father

Inviting your dad to participate in your wedding dress appointment may seem like a strange choice, but, depending on your relationship, he may want to be a participant in the appointment.

Additionally, sometimes it is good to have a differing opinion on your wedding dress. Your dad may have a similar eye to that of your future spouse and can offer some insight into what looks great and what is not quite you.

Viero Bridal

Following our suggestions will leave you prepared for one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Bringing the right people along (or leaving them home) will ensure that you have covered all the options and are looking beautiful and confident on your wedding day.

Whether you have had a style in mind since childhood, or are unsure of where to start, Viero Bridal offers a range of affordable couture dresses that can make your wedding dreams come true!

With flagship boutiques in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, our bridal experts have the goods from coast to coast. View our collections and when you are ready, reach out to book an appointment!