9 Modern Ball Gowns For Your Princess Wedding Fantasies

9 Modern Ball Gowns For Your Princess Wedding Fantasies

Are you looking for a romantic, princess-style wedding to celebrate one of your most cherished dreams? There are tons of different options to create a royally-inspired wedding theme. Creating the perfect princess fantasy is easy, from the reception to the flowers to the decor. And when it comes to your dress, a modern ball gown is the perfect fit for your princess style!

Many modern versions of princess dresses are available as a nod to the traditional ball gown-style wedding dresses of the past. Modern brides can choose from different styles of skirts and bodices, with embellishments, structured or fluid lines, jewels, and more.

When it comes to modern ball gowns, the sky’s the limit. And what’s more, the style is universally flattering, twirl-worthy, and always on trend.

Now, let’s take a look at a few gowns that will turn you into a real-life princess for your wedding day!

What is a Ball Gown Wedding Dress?

Ball gown wedding dresses are one of the most common choices for brides looking for an eye-catching silhouette. Choose a ball gown to give you the perfect fairytale style. They are easier to wear than some other styles of wedding gowns. This dress is flattering to every figure, drawing attention to the beauty of a full skirt while camouflaging the hips and waist.

Although most ball gown wedding dresses skim the floor, more brides opt for different lengths and features, like tea-length and gam-bearing slits. The skirt of a ball gown wedding dress offers the option of wearing heels or flats—whatever you are comfortable in! Anything goes with this traditional wedding dress style.

Many ball dress skirts offer the ability to bustle when you’re dancing. Some skirts have a tiered effect, while others are traditional A-line skirts with extra layers to create more volume.

Generally, your wedding gown should work with your style and create a unique look. This means that if your ideal wedding style is royally-inspired, investing in a flattering ball gown silhouette is perfect for you. Ball gowns come in various hues and styles so that they can be worn casually or more formally, so they fit any venue and theme.

A modern ball gown is an ideal choice if you are thinking of going big with your princess wedding dress fantasy. Dress your fashion style with different accessories and hair, and create a wedding day look you’re sure to be excited about.

The 9 Best Modern Ball Gowns for Your Princess Wedding Fantasies

Lola from Viero Bridal’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection

This gown is romantic and flirty, with elegant sleeves and open-back detail. The gown’s modern twist on the traditional ball gown offers a flowier skirt, which is perfect for the bride who wants to look like royalty without a full skirt.

Helen from Milla Nova’s Royal Collection

The Helen is perfect for you if you want to project the air of true royalty. With jaw-dropping details like a jewel-encrusted bodice with a full, embroidered skirt, you will be channeling your inner princess the second you put this gown on. Helen is perfect for any season, but the full, sheer sleeves and high neckline are incredibly alluring in fall and winter.

Chiara from Viero Bridal’s FALL in LOVE Collection

The Chiara wedding gown features a structured corset-style bodice, a sweetheart neckline, and a head-to-toe sparkle. This is the perfect gown that is versatile enough to captivate at a black tie wedding but also feels perfect at an outdoor event.

EB8645 from Elysian Bridal’s Her Collection

This gown is perfectly pretty and offers a broader strap that allows for regular undergarments. With floral embellishments and sparkling details, this wedding gown will be loved by brides looking for a whimsically royal gown. This is another wedding dress that suits any venue or wedding style and is particularly beautiful in spring or summer to complement the blooms outdoors.

Beatrice from Viero Bridal’s FALL in LOVE Collection

No matter the style or venue of your wedding, this ball gown is a true showstopper. Ethereal and romantic, the Beatrice offers a sparkling bodice topping a full, flowing, and feather-inspired overlay on the skirt.

Magic from Viero Bridal’s Sensation Collection

This wedding dress is the epitome of a modern ball gown. With an unexpected neckline, the Magic offers beauty and sophistication in its simplicity. Brides will love the options for jewelry and accessories when wearing this gown.

Meldi from Milla Nova’s Royal Collection

The Meldi is elegant and refined with a bejeweled, off-the-shoulder bodice and layered skirt. This gown style offers brides many options for hairstyles and accessories, and it photographs beautifully.

Macklein from Wona Concept’s Diva Collection

This dress is perfect for the modern princess because it offers just enough detail and embellishments. The Macklein is stylish and interesting, with stunning sleeve detailing and an avant-garde corset-style bodice. Perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement, this gown will have jaws dropping!

Blisse from Milla Nova’s Simply Milla Collection

Blisse is a stunning satin ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, lace-back closure corset, and straps with elegant bows. This gown also features a pleated skirt with centered buttons, hidden pockets, and a beautiful long train. In addition to its simplicity and modern design, this gown will fulfill your princess fantasies!

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses from Viero Bridal

With luxurious wedding gowns at Viero Bridal, you can bring your fairytale wedding to life. Browse through chic and elegant bridal gowns for the fairest of brides-to-be, sleek models for the modern bride, or bold bridal gowns for statement seekers.

At our flagship boutique locations across the country, you can choose from a range of designer couture-inspired wedding gowns or have one custom designed to suit your princess wedding fantasies.

Our gowns come in different styles and colors, from boho chic to elegant glam to classic vintage. You won’t have any problems finding a dress that perfectly fits you! Viero Bridal offers elegant designer dresses for the most beautiful wedding days to love for a lifetime.

Contact us today to book an appointment at one of our boutiques in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

How to Involve Your Future Spouse in Wedding Planning

How to Involve Your Future Spouse in Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is thrilling but can be stressful. You have many decisions to make, and the details can seem overwhelming. Most of the tasks fall on the bride, but involving your spouse in the process can lighten the load.

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming, mainly because you are trying to plan the perfect event. Before making big decisions, it is a good idea to get together with your future spouse to find out what sort of things they have in mind. They may be just as excited as you are but have no idea how they can help.

Creating a unique and fun wedding that screams ’you’ isn’t impossible. One way to do that is by tapping into the uniqueness and creativity that exemplifies you both. This is the best way to keep you both involved, motivated, and happy!

Here are a few ways that you can involve your future spouse in your wedding planning:

Ways to Involve Your Future Spouse in Wedding Planning

Choosing the Date

Choosing the date for your wedding is one of the first decisions you must make. Getting your future spouse involved in this decision is a great idea. They will know of any complications, like their great aunt that can’t handle the heat (so a midsummer wedding won’t work) or their best friend is traveling for a year, so the marriage may need to be on a specific date.

Choosing the date together means you can avoid any scheduling conflict and ensure that you both will feel comfortable and ready to celebrate your nuptials.

Ask for Their Opinion

It’s important to acknowledge that even if you think you are the one doing the bulk of the planning, your partner is likely to have some of their own ideas. Talk to your partner about what they want—it may surprise you!

If you care deeply about your partner’s desires, it’s always better to discuss those wants before making any final decisions. It’s your partner’s wedding too, so don’t just sign off on your idea.

For example, before booking a venue on your own or with your wedding planner, explore the venue options with your future spouse. They may have thoughts about something they want to incorporate into your big day that is impossible at your desired venue, or they may even have an excellent idea for another location.

Go on Dates

Yes, you are already engaged, but sometimes wedding planning gets so hectic that you forget the actual end goal: to get married to your sweetheart. One of the best (and most fun) ways to include your future spouse in wedding planning is to ‘date’ them by incorporating dates into the decision-making. For example, when arranging the tasting for your meal or dessert, make a day of it.

Some people even choose to bring their future spouse dress shopping. There are lots of things you can do to make this a fun, playful, date-like experience.

Help Develop a Budget

Planning a wedding budget can be frustrating, and it can also be hard to figure out your budget without input from your future spouse. In the process of budgeting for a wedding, it often helps to consult your significant other. A marriage is a compromise and also means sharing financial responsibilities and decisions.

One of the most important aspects of planning is finding ways to use your resources appropriately. Before any planning, sit down with your fiancé and talk about what your budget should be. One way to ensure you do not overspend on your wedding is to set aside a specific dollar amount for each aspect of the process, including tips and gratuities, thus cutting down on impulse purchases.

Both you and your partner should agree before spending big bucks on items such as flowers before making any commitments to vendors.

Making the Hard Decisions

Sometimes, wedding planning involves making hard decisions and then relaying the information. Involving your future spouse can relieve some of the pressure these decisions can put on you.

One decision that can be awkward is whether or not children are invited to a wedding. You can nominate your future spouse to make the decision and give that information to anyone who may be affected. Maybe your cousin wants to bring a friend that doesn‘t get along with another (treasured) wedding guest; in that case, your spouse can deliver the message about not being able to attend the wedding. It’s easy to be disappointed by a refusal. And nobody wants to be let down, so having your future spouse take care of these complicated tasks can be helpful.

Furthermore, if you are united on these decisions, it can be easier for people to take. Instead of being a snub of some sort, it is just how the wedding has been planned. It may soften some of the blow.

Have Them Plan a Part of the Wedding Day

Since there are many parts of wedding planning that you will need to manage, it can be easier to share the load by having your future spouse plan a specific aspect of the wedding. You could give your partner the responsibility for something, like mapping out a timeline for the day, planning the honeymoon, or arranging a signature cocktail.

Not only will your future spouse feel involved in the process, but you will also have more time to work on other aspects of your wedding or even relax because the work is done.

Create the Seating Chart Together

Some significant decisions are best made as a team. One of these major decisions is the creation of your seating chart. It can take a lot of research to keep track of tables, types, and arrangements for your wedding reception.

Creating a seating plan with your partner can make it easier to figure out the best way to arrange the tables and who should be sitting near one another. Your partner is familiar with their loved ones on an emotional level and knows which configurations will work best for them.

Remember the Important Things When Wedding Planning

At the end of the day, your wedding is a special day for you and your future spouse. You can create the wedding of your dreams and include your spouse in important decisions. Our guide can help you with some ideas for keeping your spouse involved in the wedding planning process, and when it comes time to choose your wedding gown, turn to Viero Bridal.

Choosing a gown for your wedding is a very personal decision, and since it is such an essential thing on your big day, most brides want to complete the process away from their future spouse. Of course, it should be perfect for who you and your wedding style. And as mentioned above, if you would prefer to have your spouse join in on the selection process, that’s up to you!

At Viero Bridal, our bridal consultants are experienced and professional—and they’re ready to help you find your dream dress at any of Viero’s locations in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. Browse our extensive selection of designer bridal gowns or get started on a custom design wedding dress with us today.

Are you ready to look for the dress of your dreams? Contact us for an appointment.

How To Manage Multiple Bridal Looks on Your Wedding Day

How To Manage Multiple Bridal Looks on Your Wedding Day

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting experience, but what happens when you can’t decide on one gown or outfit for your wedding day? Finding the perfect bridal look might mean choosing more than one. No longer viewed as over the top, many brides are wearing multiple bridal looks on their wedding day.

From a ceremony gown to a dance-proof dress to a comfortable bridal romper, brides everywhere are selecting the looks that best express their personality, comfort, and beauty. With more and more brides mixing and matching versions of bridal style on their big day, some have begun to go completely off-the-beaten path.

Choosing the best dress for your wedding is a joy, but many brides choose to wear multiple looks, proving that weddings—and bridal style— are constantly evolving.

Bridal looks often reflect the bride’s wedding ceremony venue or personal style. This is often impractical, especially when the ceremony location is vastly different from the reception and many beautiful wedding dresses are hard to move around in and particularly hard to dance in.

As complicated as it may sound, managing different bridal looks can be simple and it could be just the thing to blow your guests’ minds!

This guide will tell you how.

Why Do Brides Choose Multiple Bridal Looks?

One of the significant reasons brides change their looks throughout the wedding day is how different venues can make a bride’s look either match or feel out of place. Wedding ceremonies inside a church or other places of worship can often require a more conservative or traditional dress.

Options are endless for this—sleeved gowns, modest necklines, and longer-length gowns. Some brides opt instead for add-ons to create a more traditional appearance. These include wedding boleros, veils, and bridal capes.

Another reason for choosing multiple looks is to remain comfortable at every step of the wedding day journey. There are plenty of options at your disposal, and you can change looks throughout the wedding day to give it a different feel.

Some brides prefer to be more formal for their wedding ceremony and casual or chic for the cocktail hour. There are no ‘rules’ for your wedding day looks, so it’s ok to change along the way.

It is your wedding day—have fun!

When to Change Your Wedding Look on Your Wedding Day

Opting to change your wedding look on your big day can mean some juggling. However, it does not need to be stressful. After all, you will have planned your wedding day timeline carefully, with outfit changes in mind.

Keep in mind two things:

  1. You don’t want to miss any special moments
  2. You don’t want to keep your guests waiting

Your wedding photographer may have some ideas about a good time to change your wedding look. One idea is to provide a fun cocktail hour for guests while you change from your ceremony dress into your second look. But don’t spend the entire hour changing. If you are switching venues between the ceremony and reception, find a spot where you can change your outfit beforehand.

A fun way to showcase your new bridal look is to toast your guests when you come back dressed for the after-party. Another option is to change after dinner, while others are still visiting and eating— perfect timing before you hit the dance floor!

Things to Consider When Managing Multiple Bridal Looks

Weddings are typically a big production, so the bride has some influence over how the day is run. Be mindful of this when facing resistance from others over your wedding attire. Your comfort and personality should be prioritized when deciding to wear multiple bridal looks.

You may even want to honor a favorite sports team or a cherished culture in one of your wedding looks. Consider mixing things up with an added pop of color in your hair accessories or jewelry. It’s all about knowing what type of look you’re looking for; that way, when you find it, you can see how it will enhance your wedding look.

Ceremony Style

The ceremony is your chance to shine, so don’t pass up the opportunity to make a statement in front of your guests when all eyes are on you. Of course, you want everything to be perfect. Investing in the ideal wedding gown can make all the difference when exchanging your wedding vows.

You should carefully consider your wedding gown choice for your ceremony. Think about what season the ceremony is taking place in and what type of ceremony you plan to have so that it feels authentic to the meaning of the day, the venue, and your personal style.

Reception Style

As the party is getting started, a change of bridal look at the reception should reflect your style and vibe for your friends and family, so choose your next wedding look with this in mind.

The reception is the time to go avant-garde and fashion-forward if you wore a conservative look for the ceremony. You may even want to try a daring color or funky style or even change up the length of your gown at this time. The reception is often the time when many brides change footwear, too. Opt for more comfortable kicks at this time, so you can dance and socialize the night away without having to take off stuffy stilettos.

The Bottom Line

Modern weddings are about a couple enjoying their unique style. You no longer have to worry much about wedding attire, which is excellent. Be true to yourself and your future spouse, and follow your path. Find out what makes you sparkle, and follow it; there are no rules!

Brides have the final say when deciding what they want to wear on their wedding day. You may wish to switch wedding gowns, but you may also find a dress that you can bustle, a convertible, or something else that will make you feel comfortable all day long!

Whether it be one of our many affordable couture-inspired options or an entirely custom design, Viero Bridal has something for you. Browse our collection online and then make an appointment to come see us at one of your flagship locations in Chicago, New York, Miami, or Los Angeles.

Should I Tip? The Complete Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

Should I Tip? The Complete Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

As you prepare for your wedding, you must think about many things. From finding the perfect wedding venue to hold the wedding, securing the best date for your big day, hiring a photographer to capture the day’s moments, choosing the flowers and decor to set a dreamy scene, and finding your dream wedding gown—the decisions you make surrounding your wedding are essential.

And many couples wonder whether or not they should be tipping wedding vendors when setting their budget and paying deposits.

Tipping is a tradition in the salon, restaurant, and taxi industries, but it’s also used elsewhere as an act of courtesy. Tipping is a sign of appreciation if someone provides you with a service.

But should you be tipping wedding vendors? And, if so, which ones should be tipped?

Knowing when tips are expected can help you avoid any awkward moments. Here’s a list of who gets a gratuity and how much:

The Complete Guide to Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tipping some vendors for your wedding is expected. An obvious way to tell whether or not tipping is expected is to examine your vendor contracts before the big day rolls around. If there is a gratuity included in the contract, you’re covered.

Otherwise, the following vendors typically appreciate a tip:

Waitstaff and Caterer

A gratuity is often included in the catering bill. If your wedding is at a restaurant, club, or other similar location, it will typically be included, as well. Waitstaff in restaurants do not make enough of a wage to support themselves without tips; in the wedding and event business, they will be compensated for their time. However, you may still wish to tip them, so they know you appreciate their attention. If you want to be generous, $25 is the perfect amount.

Photographer and Videographer

Most wedding photographers who own their businesses aren’t tipped. If you like their work, and they bring a lot of knowledge and insight to your wedding photos, you may wish to tip them. It is customary to tip an assistant $50-$75 (on average) after they have done a fantastic job for you.

Musicians and DJ

Music can set the mood, get people onto the dance floor, and even create memories for a lifetime. Tipping your musician, band, or DJ is essential. If you have a musician supplying music during the ceremony, they also deserve a tip. It’s common to tip musicians $25-$50 (on average) on top of their fee if they didn’t include gratuity in the contract. Along with thanking the band, don’t forget to thank (and tip) the sound engineer for helping make your night enjoyable.


Tipping wedding bartenders usually depends on a couple of things. Tipping is often included in the bill at catered events and parties, and weddings are no exception. If your caterer has bartending service, make sure your contract includes tipping. However, if you hired people to be bartenders on your own, then tip 15 percent of the final bar bill, pre-taxes. It’s worth speaking to the bartenders before your event starts, so there isn’t any confusion- tips from guests should be refused.


If your officiant is a clergy member, they typically will not take a personal tip, but a nice gesture is to donate to their house of worship. If your officiant is non-clergy, they will appreciate a tip. The standard for donated and tipped amounts is between $50 and $100.

Hair and Makeup

Having hair and makeup done for your wedding is one of the most fun parts of the day. You get to see the glamming-up process take effect. As you would in a spa or hair salon, 20% of the service cost is a standard tip, but this amount can vary, depending upon what you require. If you’re paying for all of your bridesmaid’s services, you may provide this tip and include a larger tip at the end or ask your bridesmaids to pay only the tip.

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner is probably a business owner and will likely not be expecting a tip. If you loved their work and felt you needed to show gratitude for their commitment and dedication to making your day perfect, send them a thank-you card or even a gift card that acknowledges how much they meant to you!

Florist and Baker

Like your wedding planner and photographer, the florist and baker are business owners or paid employees and are not expecting a tip either. If the baker delivers your cake to your venue and sets it up, you may want to offer a small tip of $20. If a florist goes above and beyond to deliver, set up, and do anything else unexpected, a tip of $20-50 would be appreciated.

The Best Ways To Tip Wedding Vendors Without Breaking the Bank

Wedding vendors are necessary for the wedding day, but it’s hard to know how much to tip them without breaking the bank.

One of the best things you can do to ensure you’re not stressed out on your wedding day is to include a tip for each service as part of your budget; this will guarantee the smoothest and most seamless experience.

You may also wish to appoint a trusted friend or wedding party member to be responsible for the tips on the wedding day. This can ease a significant burden but ensure that your bills are paid and the vendors are tipped.

One of the best things you can do for wedding vendors who have impressed you is to recommend them to friends and family. Reviewing online and posting photos of their work is a great way to show gratitude for a job well done when tipping isn’t appropriate.

Viero Bridal

When you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress, we have the gown you want at Viero Bridal. Our expert stylists are eager to help you find your perfect fit!

When you are looking for the perfect wedding gown for your big day, Viero Bridal should be top of your list. We offer an array of options in our flagship boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and our newest boutique in Miami. If you want a wedding dress that will suit your vision and criteria, come to our store. Our designers can work with you to create custom gowns and make your dream gown a reality.

6 Fit-and-Flare Dress Ideas for Your Fantasy Wedding

6 Fit-and-Flare Dress Ideas for Your Fantasy Wedding

Is your perfect wedding dress a fit-and-flare style? Consider one if you’re looking for a wedding dress that hugs your waist, skims over your hips and falls between a pencil shape and a full skirt. They’ll be perfect for your wedding day! One of the most popular styles for weddings, a classic look such as this can be worn by anyone and is not specific to any body type.

Bridal styles change, but the fit-and-flare remains a timeless look. There are a variety of different types of this figure-hugging dresses. Some have sleeves, some have embellishments, and others are elegantly plain. Some dresses are traditional and others more modern.

Here is your guide to the fit-and-flare and a few looks from our available collections.

What is a Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress?

A flattering shape for a wedding dress, fit-and-flare silhouettes provide a less constricting option than some other dress silhouettes. Fit-and-flare wedding gowns offer options for different styles and body shapes, but this wedding gown is typically universally flattering.

The fit-and-flare wedding dress hugs your curves through the waist and hips, then gradually grows wider towards the bottom of the gown. A fit-and-flare dress offers a timeless, elegant style to suit nearly every wedding theme.

If you are planning a beach or lakeside wedding, you don’t need to limit yourself to a casual sundress. Finding something that can work in the heat of the day and can be worn on sand or near water is easily accomplished with a fit-and-flare style.

A flirty and elegant wedding dress is an excellent option for brides who want an elevated look while showing off their figure. The flattering style of the fit-and-flare makes it ideal for the bride wishing to make a statement without sacrificing movement or having to carry yards of material.

This style is perfect for brides that identify as everything from contemporary or traditional romantics to the avant-garde fashionista due thanks to the variations and options within the fit-and-flare style.

What is the Difference Between Fit-and-Flare, Mermaid and Trumpet Gowns?

There is a lot of confusion between the mermaid, trumpet, and fit-and-flare designs. All three dresses share a similar silhouette. It’s hard to tell the difference between them, but here are the primary differentiators:

  • The fit-and-flare begins to flare out at the hip
  • The trumpet silhouette flares out at mid-thigh
  • The mermaid starts to flare out below the knee

Mermaid wedding gowns show off your shape the most; it is difficult to walk or sit down because of the shape of the skirt. If you are looking for something less restrictive, a fit-and-flare or trumpet will be more suitable.

6 Fit-and-Flare Wedding Gowns We Love

Here is our carefully curated list of favorite fit-and-flare bridal gowns to show you just how stunning the style is and provide you with inspiration for your fantasy wedding:

1. Best Embellishments

Claire by Viero Bridal

With removable sleeves, exciting details, and all-over pearl beading, the Claire gown is romantic and edgy.

2. Best Lace

Carina by Viero Bridal

Ultra-sultry, the Carina boasts a lace bodysuit with a plunging neckline and open back paired with a satin skirt, overskirt, and detachable train and belt.

3. Best Sleeved Option

Laura from the Milla Collection by Lorenzo Rossi

Lacy and sheer, yet modest, an unexpected scoop back makes the Laura gown an excellent choice for outdoor venues, art gallery weddings, and other modern nuptials.

4. Best Sheer Romantic Look

Clio from the Royal Collection by Lorenzo Rossi

Even if it doesn’t provide coverage, the Clio is sheer and delicate while still retaining lace detailing to make it a captivating choice for the romantic bride.

5. Best Train

Marika from the Diva Collection from Wona Concept

Off-shoulder with a sweetheart neckline, brides will stun in the Marika gown. The train on this gown will make a statement on your wedding day.

6. Biggest Showstopper

Leni from the Timeless Beauty Collection from Wona Concept

With a sweeping, sheer train, and plunging neckline, the Leni gown is perfect for the bride who wants to stop traffic.

Start Planning Your Dream Wedding Today!

Planning your wedding can be a daunting task, but choosing your wedding gown should be a fun and exciting part of the process.

At Viero Bridal, helping you find the perfect gown is one of the most important things to do. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect style for your wedding at our flagship locations in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

If you are unable to find the exact fit-and-flare wedding dress of your dreams, we do have a custom dress option. Our designers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Every bride deserves to feel her best on her wedding day and our bridal consultants work hard to make that a reality.

Contact us for an appointment.

8 Things You Should Do The Night Before Your Wedding

8 Things You Should Do The Night Before Your Wedding

Everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing the night before your wedding, But you’re the one getting married and you’ll want to make sure that your special day goes smoothly. To make this happen, there are some things you should definitely do the night before your wedding.

The day before your wedding can be very hectic and filled with excitement, nervousness, and sometimes stress. It is the last day before you become married, but it could also be the last day that you will be single! There is a lot to think about, but it is important to be kind to yourself.

It’s all about staying calm and trusting the plan!

Here is a starting list of 8 things you’ll want to do the night before your wedding to make sure you get hitched without a hitch!

8 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

1. Create a List

The most important thing you can do the night before the wedding to decrease stress and ensure organization is to create a list. Organizing your wedding is essential for it to run smoothly. If you don’t plan, you’ll be causing yourself headaches and stress.

So, make sure to track everything you need to pack up as things get hectic, and double-check your list for any mistakes. It’s best to have a second set of eyes to ensure you didn’t leave anything out.

Your list should include accounting for the following:

  • If you have not already, make payment arrangements for your vendors. This may mean giving a
    credit card, check, or other forms of payment. After you have decided how to pay, ask a friend or family member
    to be in charge of this on your wedding day, so it is one less worry for you.
  • Be sure to have the rings packed and ready to go. You may want to hold onto them yourself or hand
    them off to a responsible member of your wedding party.
  • Pack your wedding gown, any accessories, undergarments, shoes, and any other attire you may
    require for your wedding day. Remember to wear a button-down shirt if you will have your hair done so that it is
    easy to take it off when it is time to get into your wedding gown.
  • Stay focused on the event. Make sure to write out your itinerary for the day of the wedding. Don’t forget to include time for breakfast and coffee and dressing time for you
    and your wedding party.

2. Be Social (If You Can)

You may have out-of-town friends and family who will only be in the area for a short period. The night before your wedding can be a great time to spend time with them if you are able to do so. You should make time for some pre-wedding low-key fun as well. Inviting some family members to your rehearsal dinner or drinks can be a great way to socialize, and you may want to have a sleepover with your wedding party.

If that is too much, spend the night with your maid of honor or a close friend or family member before the wedding to get a good night’s rest.

3. Eat a Nutritious Meal

The food you consume the day before your wedding can help to prevent bloating and puffy eyes. Choose to eat food that energizes you and provides nutrients that you may be missing in your diet during the hectic days before your wedding.

Eating fast food may seem like an obvious or easy choice, but choosing healthy options for the night before your wedding will ensure that you feel your best on your wedding day, and it will also help keep your skin looking healthy and clear.

4. Drink Water

Even though our bodies are mostly made up of water, we tend to not drink enough of it. Drinking water is good for you, and it can help lower anxiety, relieve fatigue and increase energy. Water can help you flush excess chemicals out and also hydrate your skin.

Drink plenty of water for healthier, more radiant skin. Drinking water the night before your wedding will keep you hydrated and focused for your big day!

5. Ensure Your Batteries are Charged

Technology affects our lives in such a meaningful way, and there’s nothing more incredible than the ability to create mementos of your wedding day. This starts with having a fully charged camera with plenty of memory space for videos and photos.

Most devices on the market today come with great features and capabilities, saving you time that you might spend on your phone’s camera. It’s always a good idea to have backups you can use if your phone runs out of space.

If you are leaving emergency baskets in the restrooms for your guests, it might be good to include some chargers for them.

6. Finalize With Your Vendors

Whether it’s the DJ or the photographer, calling them the day before will help relieve any stress on the big day. You can confirm the time they will arrive at the venue, so it is essential to note your arrival times and any other details, including any last-minute questions or worries you may have.

It is important to check in with each vendor, and prepare outstanding payments or tips, whether you will deliver them via transfer, credit card, or a physical check. They should be written and placed in labeled envelopes. Plan to deliver these ahead of time, as soon as they arrive on-site.

7. Write and Practice Your Speech

Most people are nervous about their big day because it’s a milestone in their lives. As such, it can be hard to convey your feelings. If you’re writing your speech or vows at home and don’t know if it sounds the way you hope, run your speech by your wedding party. Try practicing the speech to ensure that you can be relaxed when delivering the message, too.

8. Spend Some Time Alone

Last but not least, it is essential to spend some time by yourself. You can use this time to relax by meditating, deep breathing, reading a book, practicing self-care, or choosing another way to relax.

You may come up with things to delegate to your wedding party or friends and family during this time. You can also spend the time writing your spouse-to-be a love note for the day of your wedding,

Final Thoughts

At Viero Bridal, we hope these tips will prevent you from feeling frazzled the day before your wedding. Planning your wedding is hard work, so taking some time to relax the night before your wedding is a great idea. Most of your planning will be done but there will be a few things that should be delegated and accounted for. With the list above, you should be on your way to a smooth wedding day!

We have a wide variety of bridal gown styles and silhouettes and a certified designer to help you with your every desire. We offer custom-designed gowns for those brides who want to stand out in their day and make a statement. Don’t hesitate to get in  touch with us with your inquiries or visit our website to see our newest styles.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding planning is fun, but it can be tricky when you can’t find the perfect wedding venue. While you can choose to wear whatever you want and invite whomever you want, your wedding venue will impact your wedding guests significantly.

Trying to find the perfect venue for a wedding can be challenging. There are so many options, and each one determines the style and feel of your wedding, and it can feel overwhelming.

But don’t worry! We created a list of how to find the perfect wedding venue for your big day!

Decide on Your Dream Wedding Inspiration

It’s imperative to find the right venue for your event so that it fits in with your overall aesthetic. You’ll want to create a welcoming and interesting atmosphere for guests.

If you’re looking to get some inspiration or ideas for a modern-style wedding, research local art galleries, repurposed industrial spaces, and museums are good places to start. If you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue that incorporates nature, there are many barn-style, lakeside, yacht or sailing club, and even botanical garden venues.

You don’t want a venue that doesn’t align with your theme and feels disconnected from the event. Choose a venue that fits your style and enhances your wedding, so your guests feel more at home.

Consider Your Budget

penelopa_3You may have your heart set on a venue, but your budget won’t allow you to book it. Avoid the heartache, and keep your budget top of mind when searching.

As you plan your wedding, remember that you will need to account for additional costs for decorating, photography, catering, and even service charges from the venue. Be aware of the financial limitations for your venue and other items required to have your wedding. If you can’t afford the venue plus the additions you wish for, find a similar location at a cheaper cost.

It can be challenging to stick with a budget when you appoint venues for your events without thinking about the extra charges that may crop up. However, if you don’t care about budgeting and want to throw an elaborate wedding, the sky is the limit!

Check Availability

When choosing the perfect venue for your wedding, availability is critical. Whether you’re looking for a venue indoors or outdoors, the dates available for your wedding at the venue may be an issue. If you want to get married, look at the time of year. If your wedding is indoors, it is not as crucial as if you are planning to have a wedding outdoors, but it may affect the availability of the venue.

It would help if you also considered how popular the venue will be, how popular the date you’d like for your wedding, and whether it will be difficult to book.

Create Your Guest List

It’s helpful to be aware of your guest list in advance to avoid possible disappointment and stress later on when you are looking for a venue.

If your favorite venue only allows for 50 seated guests and your guest list is at 100, you will need to either find a new venue or pare the guest list down. On the other hand, you may have found the venue of your dreams but can’t afford it with your current number of guests. In this case, you may want to consider shortening the list.

It’s essential to plan your guest list size in advance, so you’re not surprised at the last minute. It can be helpful to start thinking about your guest list as early as possible and communicate this with your family. Doing this will help you break down the cost and ensure it’s feasible for everyone involved.

Decide if the Venue Matches Your Wedding Theme

Choosing a location for your wedding considers many factors, so you must have a theme in mind. A wedding at the park or beach is usually a more casual but intimate affair than one at the country club or luxury hotel, which is generally more formal. Be sure to consider your venue, the decor and feel of your wedding, and the menu. These decisions will help you create a cohesive and thought-out aesthetic for what you’re trying to do.

Identify What is Included at the Venue

Many venues require you to bring in your own vendors and don’t include linens, and sometimes even tables, chairs, or silverware. These add-ons can become costly. You will need to factor these costs into your budget when choosing a venue.

However, if you choose a full-service venue, there may still be hidden costs. Ask for a detailed list of what is included with the venue rental, and even if they offer any discounts or package pricing using the venue’s resources or any partnerships they may have.

Think of Your Guests

CarinaIf a venue is very remote, hard to access, or requires special transportation, you should consider your guests. You may have wedding guests with accessibility issues, so a mountainous or rugged terrain may not suit their needs.

Any out-of-town guests may appreciate the ability not to have to rent a car or find transportation to your wedding. If you choose a wedding venue off the beaten path, you may want to provide transportation via shuttle or choose a different location. In addition, it can be convenient for both you and your guests to be married and have the reception in one locale.

Get a Feel For the Venue’s Vibe

While you’re visiting the venue, be sure to ask many questions and see if the venue seems accommodating to your requests and if they are easy to communicate with. When you visit a venue, pay attention to the feeling you get from the venue coordinator or manager and employees. Do you feel as though they will follow through with requests? Are they organized? Do they have a good relationship with vendors? Go with your gut if you decide between two venues and feel a bad vibe from one.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue Today

Wedding venues are essential to the wedding. They are where the couple can celebrate their love for each other and share their special moments with friends and family. You must find the best venue for you, your future spouse, and your dream wedding day, so it is essential to do your research ahead of time.

There are many ways that you can find a venue for your wedding. You can go through local resources to find a place with everything you need, or you can look online at popular venues to get an idea of what they offer. You should also consider how much money it will cost and what kind of amenities they have before deciding where you want to hold your wedding.

Viero Bridal offers a selection of unique wedding gowns that you and your significant other will love. Our bridal specialists can help guide you to find your perfect dress for the big day. With our flagship boutiques and retailers spread out across the nation and our incredible collection of gowns made from high-quality fabrics, your dress buying process will be a breeze so you can focus your energy on other parts of the wedding, like finding your venue!

Statement Dresses for Any Wedding Style

Statement Dresses for Any Wedding Style

Statement dresses demand attention.

If you want to make an impact on your wedding day, you need to find the perfect statement wedding gown. Viero Bridal offers wedding gowns crafted with the finest fabrics and include show-stopping details.

There are many different types of statement dresses, so you must decide which one is best for your particular wedding style.

A statement dress can be anything from a lace gown with an asymmetrical hemline to a high-waisted, full-length gown. It can also be any color or pattern.

These dresses are usually bold and dramatic making a real impression on wedding guests.

Here are some great choices for a wedding dress that can make a statement and turn heads on your wedding day.

Wedding Gowns That Make an Impact

The statement dress of your dreams will depend on the style of your wedding, like black tie vs garden nuptials, and your own personal style. But here are some thoughts about statement gowns to get you started!


Gowns with trains have a glamorous and confident presence because they make the wearer feel like royalty. Train gowns are also perfect for brides who don’t want to wear a veil, headpiece, or tiara but still want to look elegant. You may even wish to enhance a gown with an embellished train, which can dramatically impact photos and long aisles, as few things wow like a sweeping train with sparkly embellishments, detailed embroidery, or bold embroidery color.


If you’re looking for an entrance with style, nothing beats a dramatic gown adorned in sparkly elements, highly detailed embroidery, or scalloped hems.

Brides looking to make a statement can choose from any number of gowns with embellishments. Dresses with extra sparkle and little bits of shimmer look good and make you feel good. A dress with these elements can make any bride feel confident in their skin.

Backless Gowns

A backless gown is a great and stylish option for brides who are looking to use their wedding as an opportunity to wear something different. Backless dresses can be made in various fabrics, some more traditional with appliqués, featuring flora and fauna detailing, ruffles, and other more modern details. Backless gowns can also be made with a longer train for added drama.
Depending on the viewing angle, they give the bride some unexpected flash of skin and make a wedding gown feel modern, modest, and sultry.


Simplicity and minimalism may be the way to go for some brides, but many others dream about lavish gowns and exquisite details. Exaggerated ruffles have been making an impact as a way to make a statement at your wedding, proving that creativity and beauty are essential during this chaotic time.

You’ll be bridal from head to toe in a beautiful ruffled dress that makes you feel both royal and chic. The embellishments will add that luxurious touch to your look, making it feel like a showstopping ceremony. Don’t be scared of a ruffle— the updated look comes in all forms, from cascading tulle to a more understated hemline. Whether you like flowing gowns or dresses with embellishments, the ruffle is always an essential detail to make a statement.

Beaded Elements

Even the most basic wedding gown silhouette can make a statement by adding beads. Ornate motifs like lace and beadwork can give your dress a luxurious touch. We love the way pearlescent accents can be incorporated with a dress, making it a showstopper for any wedding style. Consider wearing a daring neckline for your special day with a beaded bodice. You might also want to consider attaching some glittering, glistening beads to the hem or train of your dress for an extra impact.


Ballgowns have been a popular option for brides traditionally. However, designers update the traditional ball gown to make it more cutting edge and modern. Inspired by grand royal weddings, choosing a ballgown wedding dress for your big day will make it memorable. If you want to portray a regal princess-like feel on your wedding day, choose one of these styles.

Slip Dress

Even if you’re a minimal dresser, an effortlessly chic slip dress can impact your wedding day.

Opt for details like lace trim, sumptuous fabrics, or intricate hems to make a bolder statement. Slip gowns with plunging necklines or all-over sequins make for a perfect transition from the reception to the after-party. These dresses have been shown at many celebrity weddings and are elegant and sophisticated. They are also easy to wear as they come in classic shapes with a simple silhouette. Whether you’re looking for a black-tie or countryside wedding, brides can wear these dresses to any wedding style.

One-Shouldered Dress

This year and in years past, a popular wedding dress style has been the one-shoulder gown. It’s unique and edgy but offers more stability than a strapless dress, so it is excellent for brides with any sized bust.

A one-shoulder neckline would be perfect for weddings of all styles and can be dressed up or down with accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. You can also choose from various features such as oversized bows, tiered skirts, or floral appliques to find your perfect fit and match your wedding style. A one-shouldered wedding gown is ideal for the bride who wants an elegant and modern look.

What to Look for in a Statement Dress

Statement dresses are perfect for a bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. Some brides prefer to have the same dress for both their ceremony and reception, while some have something more conservative for their ceremony and wear a more glamorous outfit later.

Brides preferring a statement gown will pick a style that is eye-catching and different from traditional wedding attire. This usually reflects their personality and how they want to be perceived for this special day.

Viero Bridal

Princess-like, edgy, or a mix of the two – all of your style needs are met with our extensive range of couture-inspired wedding gowns.

Additionally, statement gowns never seem to go out of style as they transcend trends and remain timeless. At our flagship boutiques in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, you can be sure that you are purchasing at a luxury boutique with impeccable service and the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Viero Bridal has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on for wedding gowns. Book an appointment at our store today to find your perfect dress.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline: Your Guide to Getting Ready

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline: Your Guide to Getting Ready

Your wedding day will be full of excitement and celebration, but the day can also feel frenzied if you don’t have a detailed and organized plan.

The wedding day timeline is a crucial component of the wedding planning process. It will help you know when to set up your flowers, when to have your hair and makeup done, when to get dressed, and when to arrive at the venue.

A timeline helps keep order to the particulars and essential details of the day.

At Viero Bridal, we know how important your wedding day is, and we want you to enjoy every second. We have created this comprehensive timeline for getting ready on your wedding day. Follow along and get organized!

Why is a Wedding Day Timeline Important?

A wedding day timeline is a guide meant to help couples plan their wedding day. The couple can create this timeline together but you may also want to turn to a professional for help with the logistics and planning.

Creating this timeline helps couples understand what they need to do on their wedding day and how much time they have left before the big event. The timeline also gives them different options for how they want the day to go. Your big day will be full of things that need doing—especially for the bride, and things can quickly get forgotten without accounting for them in a proper timeline.

A wedding day timeline should include all the critical events during a typical wedding day. These events can include the groom and attendants getting ready, the bride getting into the wedding gown, adorning the bridal accessories, the ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon. Couples should also keep in mind when guests are coming and what time they will be arriving at different points of the event so that there are enough people around when these guests arrive.

You may even want to include what time you will eat breakfast and plan snacking time to ensure that everyone is fed and you’re well-nourished to celebrate all day (and into the night!)

How to Get Organized and Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline

Planning your wedding day is a time-consuming task, and it can be overwhelming. But if you have a wedding day timeline, it can help you ensure that you’re not late for any appointments or engagements, everything is set up on time, and you don’t leave your guests waiting.

Try to plan your timeline around realistic expectations so you don’t feel added stress. Consider how long your hair might take—should you have it finished before the bridesmaids begin? Or, are you all doing it at the same time? Ask the hairstylist how long your hair should take, and include that in the timeline. Your shower or bath before the day begins? Add it to the timeline.

When it comes to a destination wedding, you have different challenges for a wedding day timeline. In this case, it might be better to hire a planner who specializes in destination weddings instead of trying to do everything yourself.

It is also essential to account for even the tiny details. Your wedding photographer will be documenting the day, but will they be with the bridal party first? Or maybe the photographer would like to spend some time with the groom’s group.

Creating a wedding day timeline will also give you an idea of the myriad of things that need to be done on the day of the wedding.

For instance, when are your wedding flowers arriving? Does someone need to pick them up? Is someone going to get coffee for everyone? Include it! You may identify things that you can take off your plate this way. If there are scheduling issues, you will find out when you’ve created your wedding day timeline (instead of on the day itself!), and you can delegate if needed.

Best Apps and Websites for Planning Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding can be a daunting task. With the help of the best apps and websites, you can manage your wedding planning process with ease.

The best websites for planning your wedding include Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Wedding Bee. These websites have comprehensive lists of vendors and services that you might need for your big day. Additionally, these websites provide a list of recommended vendors to look for based on the particular service.

The best apps for planning your wedding include The Knot’s app, Wedding Happy, Wedding Day Planner by WeddingWire. These apps allow you to create a detailed timeline of events and share it with family members or other people involved in the process. Using these helpful tools, you can also keep your wedding planning and wedding day organized.

The Essential Things You Can Do Before the Big Day

Whether it’s arranging for snack delivery, sending a special gift to the groom, or simply a vital photo you want to be taken, you can add things to your wedding day timeline to ensure the success of the day.

The most important thing you can do is create a plan that will help you avoid any potential pitfalls. If you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day, then take care of these essential things before it starts:

  • Plan out your schedule and make sure that every step is set up ahead of time
  • Put together a list of tasks and delegate them to the right people
  • Prepare for any last-minute changes that may come up
  • Make sure that your vendors are prepared and know what they’re doing
  • Have an exit strategy before the big day to ensure you don’t leave anything behind

Start Planning Your Wedding Today by Creating Your Personalized Schedule

The wedding planning process is long and can be overwhelming for most. It is important to understand the different stages of the wedding planning process and how they can help you plan your personalized schedule.

With these tips, you’ll be able to ease into the process by taking baby steps and keeping track of all of your milestones along the way.

At Viero Bridal, we carry couture-inspired wedding dresses that will make you feel your best on the big day. You can find a curated selection of the latest bridal gowns in our boutiques in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Shop with us and check finding the perfect wedding gown off your list!

8 Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

8 Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, that excitement can quickly turn to stress when the wedding planning starts.

The most important thing to do when planning a wedding is to have an actual plan. You should make sure that your budget, wedding date, and your party venue are all set in stone before you start looking for vendors. However, there are other aspects of planning that won’t fit on any checklist or chart.

Some people believe that it’s best not to worry about the details of the wedding until it is too late and panic sets in. Others seemingly have everything in order before the engagement ring is even on their finger.

No matter your planning style, remember to keep it fun—not stressful.

There are several things you can do to save yourself and everyone else from a total meltdown. The following suggestions will help you manage the workload and enjoy the process more.

Here are some tried and true ways to decrease your stress during wedding planning:

Why Do People Get So Anxious About Planning a Wedding?

Wedding planning is an activity that can make people very anxious. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this. One of the main reasons is that wedding planning can be both overwhelming and time-consuming.

There are many ways to plan a wedding successfully, and there are many tools available to help. This blog will explore some of the best tools for ensuring that your wedding planning goes smoothly and how to make sure that you don’t lose focus on the task at hand.

How to Plan a Wedding Without Feeling Overwhelmed with Wedding Planning Anxiety

Wedding Planning Tips:

1. Have a plan and stay organized

With piles of wedding paperwork scattered around, your personal space can get quite chaotic, especially if it’s been in a disorganized manner and you are
planning your wedding without a plan.

The best way to maintain order and decorum for wedding planning is by using a filing system that keeps every aspect of your wedding organized. It will also help to make a list of tasks that need completing, so you can tackle them one at a time.

2. Talk about it

If you have wedding planning stress, it can be good to talk with others about it. You might find some valuable feedback and advice.

3. Go to the gym

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on your wedding planning when you feel sorry for yourself. Spending a little time working out is precisely what the doctor ordered. It will get your mind off of things and help boost your overall mood and mindset.

Try working in some meditative yoga, a spin session, or an intense interval class once a week to keep your mind and body happy.

4. Give yourself a break

Don’t let wedding planning take over your life. Make sure you keep scheduled breaks and give your mind a rest.

Much like any other commitment, wedding planning can be set aside and focused on a specific day, but you will need to commit to planning—and taking a break, Don’t overwork yourself or your partner.

5. You don’t have to do everything on your own

People need more than just a helping hand from time to time. Especially when it comes to weddings.

Delegating tasks to friends and family will take the burden off you and your partner. It will free up your schedule so that you can focus on other essential things. Plus, many people love to help with weddings!

6. Choose the right vendors

To ensure your wedding goes well, one way to prepare appropriately includes hiring a team of vendors that can fill all of your needs.

If you’re choosing vendors on your own, you need to do a lot of research and ask many questions before taking the plunge. Try to find vendors with positive reviews and try out the vendors before committing to anything significant.

7. Think of hiring a planner

If you struggle to plan your nuptials, you may benefit from hiring a wedding planner. Suppose you have difficulties keeping track of your vendors, plans, and appointments. In that case, you can consider hiring a wedding planner who would take charge of all the tasks involved in organizing the ceremony and events during the big day.

Working with a planner who has already prepared a list will also make finding reliable and trustworthy vendors easier.

8. Remember why you’re doing this

When planning your wedding, try not to get too stressed out. Remember it’s all for the big day and put your head down and focus on what’s important.

Try positively ending your day by taking a few moments to yourself, relaxing, and deep breathing. No matter what song you play, what photographer you hire, or what color your flowers are, the most critical part of wedding planning is that, in the end, you’ll be celebrating your love.

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Getting Stressed Out

The key to a successful wedding is planning. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you know what you want. Just take your time and breathe. Allow yourself some grace.

Let Viero Bridal take the stress out of purchasing your wedding gown. From the finest materials and craftsmanship to modern yet traditional styles, Viero offers a variety of outfits for every bride to choose from. If you can’t find what you want in
our collections, but have a clear dress vision, a custom gown may be the right choice for you.

Visit one of our flagship wedding dress boutiques in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami to make dress buying the least stressful part of the whole process!